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Happier Now, by Nataly Kogan

Happier Now, by Nataly Kogan

Happier Now isn’t about learning how to live a life in which you are happy, without pain, sadness, or struggle. It is a guide to resilience.
Naked Witch, by Fiona Horne

Naked Witch, by Fiona Horne

Lead singer of the Australian band Def FX and public witch Fiona Horne has released her latest book The Naked Witch: An Autobiography.
the collected letters of alan watts, reviewed at spiral nature

The Collected Letters of Alan Watts, edited by Joan and Anne...

It is hard to deny the influence Watts' legacy has contributed to expanding the consciousness of western culture. The Collected Letters of Alan Watts provides a lens for the reader to understand Watts as the man he truly was -- a man on a wild, exciting, and spiritual journey through life.
Margot Anand

Love, Sex, and Awakening, by Margot Anand

Love and making love are deep mysteries, as is spirituality, and the intersection of these experiences of Margot Anand’s life begins her memoir, Love, Sex, and Awakening.

Deconstructing Gurdjieff, by Tobias Churton

I enjoyed Deconstructing Gurdjieff most when the author, Tobias Churton, speculated about events and circumstances surrounding Gurdjieff's life.
Crowley: A Beginner's Guide, by John S Moore

Crowley, by John Moore

Crowley: A Beginner's Guide offers a whirlwind tour through Aleister Crowley’s greatest hits, misses, and miscellany.
Jerusalem! The Real Life of William Blake, by Tobias Churton

Jerusalem! The Real Life of William Blake, by Tobias Churton

Tobias Churton's Jerusalem! explores the life and wild genius of William Blake.
Christena Linka

Crone contact: An interview with psychic Christena Linka

Christena Linka has been working as a psychic for more than 45 years, and learned to read tea leaves and playing cards at the age of 15.
Merlin Stone Remembered, by David B. Axelrod

Merlin Stone Remembered, by David B. Axelrod, et al.

Merlin Stone Remembered memorializes the woman who was one of the driving forces behind the widespread interest in the history of ancient goddesses.

A chat with Lupa about bones

Lupa has been making art out of hide and bone for nearly 20 years, and her latest project is The Tarot of Bones: A Natural History Divination Set.
Yvonne Aburrow

A chat with Yvonne Aburrow about diversity

Yvonne Aburrow hopes that Wicca will become more inclusive of people with disabilities, people of colour, and gender and sexual diversity.
Detail from Photograph of Pamela Colman Smith

How well do you know Pamela Colman Smith?

Our August poll tested your knowledge of Pamela Colman Smith (1878-1951).

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