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Water drop, photo by Ron Kroetz

What is mindfulness, anyway? Reviews of five new books

Sure, mindfulness won't solve all your problems, but it may bring realization, joy, and more spiritual awareness into your life.

Meditation: Four techniques to get you started

Meditation has become very popular in western culture in the last few decades, mostly thanks to spirituality and Buddhism becoming more acceptable in the mainstream. More and more people are becoming interested in the various benefits, but might not know that there are many types of meditation that give different benefits, and each has a different history. Here I will give a brief rundown of four beginner-friendly types of meditation, and give the history of each, as well as teach you how to get started on your own regiment. All of these methods serve different purposes and will suit different people, but one might find themselves practising each of them at different points throughout their spiritual practice.
Bridget Engels with pentagram, photo by Bridget Engels

The Morrigan: A dark moon meditation

Get comfortable and release all your cares and concerns from the day. Gently go within. We are going on a dark moon journey with the Morrigan.
Grapes, photo by Sergio Russo

The Dionysian Spirit, by Sean Fitton

The Dionysian Spirit focuses on syncretic practices and theory, demonstrating why Dionysian rites were so different from mainstream ancient Greek religion.
Be Your Own Fairy Tale, by Alison Davies

Be Your Own Fairy Tale, by Alison Davies

Reading Be Your Own Fairy Tale, you are beckoned to tell stories where you nurture your identity.
Spellcraft for a Magical Year, by Sarah Bartlett

Spellcraft for a Magical Year, by Sarah Bartlett

Spellcraft for a Magical Year offers a lighthearted introduction to spellwork aligned with planetary energies and Pagan holidays.
Isis, photo by Terry Feuerborn

Mysteries of Isis

A detailed account of the workings of a mystery cult, devoted to Isis, is recorded in the Latin novel of Apuleius, The Golden Ass.
Image by Orna Ben-Shoshan

Kabbalistic visualization for transformation

This kabbalistic visualization introduces us to secrets about the internal nature or structure of the universe and places humankind as the crown of creation.

How to cast a circle anytime, anywhere

To cast a circle begin by closing your eyes, clear your mind, and visualize a ball of energy forming above your head.
Brain waves, image by normalityrelief

Binaural beats meditation

Binaural beats can act as a shortcut to years of disciplined meditation and yogic techniques.
The Householder's Guide to Form and Deed

The Householder’s Guide to Form and Deed

The Householder's Guide to Form and Deed came to me as an outline scribbled in a notebook after a visionary meditation session at the end of summer in 2013.

Review: The Book of Seidr, by Runic John

The Book of Seidr: The Native English And Northern European Shamanic Tradition, by Runic John CapallBann, 2004 With the popularity of Runes information on Seidr,...

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