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Since 2000, Spiral Nature has provided the occultnik community with a diverse range of articles, reviews, and round ups as we bring you the best of what the occult Internet has to offer.

What started as a repository to hist the juvenile writings of one chaote and their assorted associates, has since became a multiauthor magazine with more than 1,600 pages of content from some 250 contributors.

Today, Spiral Nature Magazine is known for:

  • thoughtful and in-depth articles
  • practical ritual and spiritual guidance
  • extensive book and media reviews, and
  • sharing weird occultnik things you won’t find anywhere else

We pay 50 regular contributors, including six writers and four editors (see the masthead for the latest roster — our founder and EIC, Nico, doesn’t get paid), each working to provide the insightful, well-crafted work that you’ve come to expect from us. Each week we publish an astrology column, two or three articles, two or three reviews, a links roundup, and often more.

But we need your help. Like, financially.

Spiral Nature, as a magazine, will always be free. That’s never going to change.

But we’re growing faster than our current revenue model can support. That’s where you come in.

So, what is Spiral Nature Premium Membership and the Occultnik Cabal?

The Occultnik Cabal is you, our band of loyal supporters who want to help out for as little as $7 per month. You’ll get access to exclusive content and keep the site going. Best of all, you’re helping to keep Spiral Nature free for everybody — including those who might not be able to afford even a nominal membership.

This Cabal is a sustainable way for occultniks of all traditions to opt in, with your support we can continue to pay our writers, reviewers, and showcase some of the best stuff that’s happening in our weird little community.

For an idea of how this money will be spent, check out the Membership Milestones. We’d like to pay our writers more, publish more content each week, start a podcast, and so much more.

What if I can’t afford it?

There are lots of other ways you can help. Share our content. Buy things our writers make and books they have written.

Better still, please share the love and info about this membership program on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and anywhere else you hang out. Let your fellow (and perhaps more flush) occultnik friends know that Spiral Nature is important to you. You’re important to us too. <3

Premium Membership and the Benefits of the Occultnik Cabal

As you may have noticed, we’ve been publishing more interviews lately. What you don’t see is that we have to cut them for length. With the Premium Membership you’ll have access to full interview transcripts, as well as unfiltered, unedited podcast transcripts (once that membership milestone is funded), and other exclusive material as it becomes available.

To sum up, you’ll receive the same awesome free stuff like always:

But with your premium membership you’ll also receive exclusive access to:

  • Digital mixtapes
  • Online book club
  • Uncut interviews
  • and more!

With the annual membership you save $14 per year on membership fees. Smart!

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