Circle grate, photo by clairebear83613

The structure of our circles: 10 lessons in community building

I am curious about the ways leaders operate within our communities and the ways the idea of a “clergy” might come about in organic groups.
Artist spotlight: Kostas, of at Spiral Nature

Artist spotlight: Kostas

Born and raised in Athens, painter Kostas wanders the city of his birth, where he has one foot in this world, and one foot in the past.
Rocks in the water, photo by Images by John 'K'

Cleansing crystals: Restoring their highest vibration

All crystals and gemstones require periodic cleansing and restoration in order to maintain their spiritual signature, healing qualities.
Figure in the sun, photo by Bruno Caimi

Connecting with Circe: A tarot spread to reveal, transform, and manifest

Call upon Circe when you want to get a clear picture of the nature of your own inherent powers, to understand your own unique magick.
Between The Worlds - Sacred Space Conference
Cercei Lannister, still from Game of Thrones

Circe: Lessons from a witch and daughter of the Sun

As I devoured the Game of Thrones series, I continued to see similarities between the myths of Circe and Cersei’s story.

Loki and the birth of Sleipnir

The Aesir were an unruly bunch, and had the tendency to get themselves into trouble with all sorts of other groups. The idea of having a safe place to come home to seemed like a pretty smart idea. And lo, Asgard was built: mighty mead-halls, golden palaces, the very latest word in timber-and-thatch architecture.

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Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 11 August 2019

Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 11 August 2019

Hidden Insights projects that the only thing to expect is the unexpected. Changes are promised as Uranus stations retrograde.
2019-07-26 Spiral Nature Linkage

Linkage: Witchcraft, tarot, and staying connected

So what if The Craft introduced people to witchcraft? The world needs witches as a force for good. Small rituals to stay connected.
Anathema Publishing - Occultnik Bazaar
Eric J Pride - Predictive Astrology
SN Occultnik Cabal

Opening the Akashic Records, by St. Germain

Opening the Akashic Records discusses the vast ethereal library of cosmic knowledge that has existed as long as life itself.

What is Modern Witchcraft?, edited by Trevor Greenfield

What is Modern Witchcraft includes 11 essays written from Celtic and English traditions, from classic to contemporary witchcraft.
Cat, photo by Ian Livesey

Energy Medicine for Animals, by Diane Budd

Energy Medicine for Animals: The Bioenergetics of Animal Healing will offer information, advice and techniques to further your practice.
Between The Worlds - Sacred Space Conference
2019 Q2 Spiral Nature Financials

2019 Q2 financials for Spiral Nature Magazine

In the second quarter of 2019 we published 77 items, including 25 reviews, 13 editions of our astrolgoy column, Hidden Insights.
2019 Q2 Invoice Request

2019 Q2: Invoice me, I want to pay you

Those of you who have had work published from 1 April through to 30 June 2019 (or to today), please invoice me.
Spiral Nature Poll for June 2019

Poll: Which future columns would you like to see?

June's poll asks, Which future columns would you like to see?