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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot

The art of Tarot and the art of the tattoo have separate, storied histories shrouded in both mystery and misunderstanding, so it’s naturally enchant­ing to see them brought together in this rich, new deck from Laurence King Publishing, titled Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition.
Figure in the sun, photo by Bruno Caimi

Connecting with Circe: A tarot spread to reveal, transform, and manifest

Call upon Circe when you want to get a clear picture of the nature of your own inherent powers, to understand your own unique magick.

Dreams of Gaia Tarot

The beautiful Dreams of Gaia Tarot was 10 years in the making, and the care that Ravynne Phelan put into it are revealed in its details.
Detail of Nine of Wands, Mystic Mondays Tarot, by Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays Tarot

Graphic design artist Grace Duong combines digital technology with modern art and spirituality in the Mystic Mondays Tarot.
Detail of Wheel of Fortune, Rider Tarot, by Pamela Colman Smith, photo by Numerology Sign

Learning tarot: Three ways to read the cards everyday

Tarot are cards of journey. We use them to plot our way through life and seek answers for decisions yet made.
Before Tarot

Before Tarot

Before Tarot dials back the clock a minute or two, sometimes just a moment, before those familiar scenes in the Rider Tarot take place.
Everyday Tarot

Everyday Tarot, by Brigit Esselmont

Everyday Tarot: Unlock your Inner Wisdom and Manifest your Future by Brigit Esselmont is a tarot workbook that goes beyond a guidebook.
John Bauer Tarot by John Bauer

John Bauer Tarot

John Bauer’s art lends itself perfectly to the world of the tarot due to its creative mythology and fantastic landscapes.
Tarot de la Nuit by Alexandra Bach and Carole Anne Eschenazi

Tarot de la Nuit

The Tarot de la Nuit began when Alexandra V. Bach and Carole Anne Eschenazi created a universe where darkness revealed its beauty and purity.
Heart Vision by Michael Orland Yaccarino

Heart Vision, by Michael Orlando Yaccarino

Michael Orland Yaccarino offers tarot lovers a book exclusively focused on the process of self-reading in Heart Vision: Tarot’s Inner Path.

Vice Versa Tarot

The Vice Versa Tarot is a cool deck, faithful to standard themes, but with additional detail to consider -- on both sides of the cards! 
Andrew McGregor Interview

Connecting with the Orisha: Andrew McGregor on The Orisha Tarot

Andrew McGregor is a treasure to the occult community. He is the creator behind The Orisha Tarot, and the owner of The Hermit's Lamp.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot