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Six Ways, by Aidan Wachter

Six Ways, by Aidan Wachter

I encourage artists, occultists, and anyone interested in chaos magick, animism, and practical enchantment to seek out Six Ways, by Aidan Wachter.
Strange sigil, photo by Alexander Synaptic

Sigil magick: Down and dirty

One of the simplest forms of magick to do is sigil magick. Sigils can be found throughout the magick world, and are often used...
Broom by Rudolf Vlček (flickr)

Secret witch: Magick when you’re stuck in the broom closet

Are you a secret witch? Not everyone can be open with their spiritual practice.. Here are some tips and tricks for covert magick.

See Nico talk chaos magick at Flambeau Noir in Ottawa

Flambeau Noir is an international left-hand path conference taking place from 28-30 April in Ottawa, and brings together iconoclasts and rebels. Join us.
Condensed Chaos, by Phil Hine

11 most popular books of 2015

We're nearing the end of the year, that time for best-of lists, and we thought we'd start with the most popular books of 2015 -- at least, in terms of Spiral Nature.
Toastar!, by Francis H Breakspear

Toastar!, by Francis Breakspear

Though more books were projected, in the end, Toastar! is Evans’ and Breakspear’s final book
Julian Vayne from The Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon

Deep Magic Begins Here, by Julian Vayne

Deep Magic Begins Here is written from a place of intense and varied experience -- it's magick lived.
Detail from "Deja Vu," by Joel Biroco

World of Dust, by Joel Biroco

Joel Biroco's work has always been powerful, but World of Dust haunts.
Roots, image by Peter Rosbjerg

Chaotes then and now

It's hardly surprising that something called "chaos magick" is in flux, both in terms of what is classed as chaos magick and the people it attracts.
Detial from Liber Null, by Peter Carroll

Top 5 chaos magick books

It continues to surprise me how often I am asked for recommendations of chaos magick books.

Chaos magick: Doing what works and more

Chaos magick is results-oriented; it requires an honest appraisal of one's work and the effects achieved -- especially when results are not evident.
Altered States, photo by H Koppdelaney

Words of the magi: An interview with Alan Chapman and Duncan...

Alan Chapman and Duncan Barford of The Baptist's Head and Open Enlightenment were kind enough to answer several questions I put to them.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot