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Still from The Wizard of Oz

Are you a good witch, a bad witch, or something else?

It seems there is some division within the Pagan community that perpetuates stereotypes about the practice of binding.
Trees in fog, photo by Broo_am (Andy B)

Supernatural Entertainments, by Simone Natale

With Supernatural Entertainments, Simone Natale’s focus is on the industry that popped up around spiritualism, and how that helped shape the world.
The Love Witch, Eyes

Anna Biller on the real witchcraft behind The Love Witch

From the set design to the way Elaine’s coven behaves, The Love Witch feels like the work of someone who’s clearly read a Book of Shadows or two.
White picket fence, photo by John Matthies

Problems with whitewashing in worship

Even in enlightened communities such as our own, whitewashing happens in spiritual practice.
Bubbles, photo by Dave Lundy

Pop culture magick: Intro and prosperity spell

Pop culture magick is all the rage these days, but that begs the questions: what is pop culture magick, why should you use it, and how does it work?
Still from Legend

Iconic occult documentaries of the ’70s

There's a certain something about occult documentaries made in the 1970s.
The Babadook

The Babadook: Everyone gets what they want

Amelia starts to think that the monster from a children’s book, the titular Babadook, may be attacking, or possibly possessing, her son.
The Lego Movie

Everything is awesome! Magick, metaphor and Lego

This has been a great year for occult and philosophically tinged pop culture, and The Lego Movie tops them all.
Twin Peaks, Log Lady

Twin Peaks: The fire still burns

Like all Lynch's best work, Twin Peaks partakes strongly of the numinous, the dream-like blurring of state.
As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below [spoilers]

To appreciate As Above So Below, you may need to issue a few forgiveness tokens.
The Shadow (1994)

When is it cultural theft?

Just because I can use the tools does not mean I can or should claim initiatory status.
The Possession of Michael King

Call up not what ye cannot cast down: an occult look...

In The Possession of Michael King, things take a turn for the sinister when King tumbles down the rabbit hole, leaving sanity and consensus reality behind.

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