Advertise in the Bazaar

The Bazaar is a place to advertise your occultnik services and wares at an entry-level price, and it is ideal for businesses that are just getting into advertising.

These 300 x 250 px ads will appear on a dedicated page for the Occultnik Bazaar that is linked in our header, as well as rotate through each of them on the sidebar.

We will be offering 20 of these spots once a year, and that’s it. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Our advertising period will start on 1 October 2018 and run through to 31 October 2019, with quarterly reporting on the ad’s statistics, including ad views and link clicks.

As this is the first time we’re offering this spot, we’re putting them on sale early for $90 for the first year, and the advertising will start now — so you get two months free if you book now.

If you’d like to get started, please fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon.

We look forward to working with you!