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John Dee by Glindoni

John Dee and the Empire of Angels, by Jason Louv

Jason Louv's new book, John Dee and the Empire of Angels: Enochain Magick and the Occult Roots of the Modern World, is a departure from his previous works.
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Five books to guide you into the spirit world

With the coming of winter and the lengthen of the night, many cultures and practices believe that the veil, the wall between our world...
John Dee's seal, photo by Anders Sandberg

Enochian Magic and the Higher Worlds, by John DeSalvo

Enochian Magic and the Higher Worlds is not only a useful addition to an Enochian library, but also an interesting bit of research.
Spiral Nature Forums - Magician's Temple

Forums: Working with Enochian magick

You can find us in the Magician's Temple under "Working with Enochian magick."
The Essential Enochian Grimoire, by Aaron Leitch

The Essential Enochian Grimoire, by Aaron Leitch

The most complete history I’ve ever read in a single Enochian grimoire, focusing far beyond our favourite duo of Dee and Kelley.
The Witches' Almanac, Issue 33

The Witches’ Almanac, Issue 33

The Witches' Almanac, Issue 33 Spring 2014-2015: The Mystic Earth, edited by Andrew Theitic The Witches' Almanac, 9780982432396, 208 pp. (incl. letters, ads), 2013 Reading The...
Altered States, photo by H Koppdelaney

Words of the magi: An interview with Alan Chapman and Duncan...

Alan Chapman and Duncan Barford of The Baptist's Head and Open Enlightenment were kind enough to answer several questions I put to them.
Red Angel, photo by Lawrence OP

The Book of Enoch the Prophet, translated by R. H. Charles

The Charles translation, originally published in 1912, is still considered "the standard English version of The Book of Enoch.
Enochian Vision Magick, by Lon Milo DuQuette

Enochian Vision Magick, by Lon Milo DuQuette

Students will find Enochian Vision Magick an invaluable guide to Enochiana, and experienced practitioners will find additional insight.

Review: Enochian Initiation, by Frater W.I.T.

Enochian Initiation: A Thelemite's Magical Journey into the Ultimate Transcendence, by Frater W.I.T. OutskirtsPress.com, 1598003720, 326 pp. (incl. appendices, bibliography and notes), 2006 Enochian Initiation offers...

The Dragon’s Brain and Wormhole of Daath

The Qabbalistic hidden sephirah of Daath can be aligned with the throat area of Adam Kadmon whose spinal column is the trunk of the...

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