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Spiral Nature Magazine is pleased to offer sponsored content among our advertising opportunities.

How sponsored content works

Sponsored content is a paid article published within the online magazine that is promoted via our social media. In print, and in other venues, this is also known as advertorial or native advertising. It is content paid for by a person or company to promote their products or services.

We work with our advertising clients to ensure that the products they want to promote to our readers match their interests and the goals of our magazine.

Our readers are into alternative spirituality, practical magick, and occulture. If it’s witchy, wizardly, organic, has good vibes, and will somehow improve the lives of our readers, it’s likely they will want to know more about your product, and we’d love to help connect you with our readers.

What you get with a sponsored posts

With Spiral Nature Magazine, you will receive exposure to a niche audience primed to be receptive to your product or service, and we have other unique features that you won’t find at just any publication.

With each sponsored post you receive:

  • a unique URL for your post
  • post pinned to the home page for one month
  • post stays within the magazine’s archives for a full year from the publication date

We also include any images and do-follow links you wish to embed within your content.

Marked content

At the top of your sponsored post, we also include an italicized indication that it is a sponsored post, something along the lines of:

  • Sponsored by [Company Name]
  • In association with [Author]

This can include a link to your website as well.

We include a note clearly marking sponsored content as a benefit to both our clients: you and the reader. Misleading readers into thinking that sponsored content is editorial does a disservice to both you, the promotion of your product, and could lead to the reader distrusting our brand as well. No one wants to feel tricked. That’s a lose-lose situation.

Types of sponsored content

There are numerous types of content that do really well as sponsored posts that can help you grow your business.

Press release

Are you launching a new product, service, or program? Let our readers know with a tailored press release why they must have it, and where they can purchase it.

Press releases are a great way to share information about a new conference, book, album, service, and more.

Book excerpts

Excerpts or chapters from books can showcase select material from your book to an audience that is already well-primed to engage with the content. Curious readers will want to know more, and follow the author and publisher, and often buy the book.

Product tutorials

People may not yet know how to use your product, and a tutorial showing our readers how it will be useful to them is a great way to engage their interest, and prepare them to use the product themselves.

Tutorials can work really well for things like showing how to use essential oils.


Readers like to know the process behind how products come to fruition, and if you have an engaging story to share, people will want become invested in your product, and want to see you succeed.


Contests are published as sponsored content within the magazine, and promoted via social media. Once a winner is selected, you ship the prize to the reader, and we will update the post and promote their win across our social media channels.

Contests are great for giveaways, to share images, increase follows on your social media accounts, and do a great job of generating buzz around your product.

They’re great for books, albums, conference entries, products, and more.

Previously published sponsored content

For a few examples of sponsored content we’ve published in the past, see:

Limited availability

We are very selective with the companies we work with, because we want to ensure that what we share with our readers will benefit them, and ultimately that benefits you.

We have three spots for sponsored posts available each month, and one contest.


Our pricing goes down depending on how many sponsored ads you buy, and these can be spaced out over months to sustain interest or to showcase new products.

  • 1 sponsored post $100
  • 3 sponsored posts $275 (you save $25)
  • 6 sponsored posts $540 (you save $60)

Need us to write it for you?

We can facilitate content creation for you to your specifications for an additional $50.

The copyright for the written content is then transferred to you, for you to repurpose as you see fit.

Ready to get started?

For more information and to book your sponsored content, please contact us.