2019 Q2 Invoice Request

Have you published with Spiral Nature Magazine this quarter?

If so, thanks so much for your work!

If not, then you can skip this update, unless you’re interested in writing for us, in which case, please see our most recent calls for columnist or editorial positions and our submission guidelines.

Who needs to send an invoice?

Those of you who have had work published from 1 April through to 30 June 2019 (or to today), please invoice me. If you have not yet submitted an invoice for work published earlier, please append that as well.

Want an ad in trade instead? Cool!

If you’d prefer to take an ad in trade, and we haven’t already discussed it, please let me know now, so I won’t keep bothering you about an invoice (I’ll start bothering you about your ad instead).

The ad is a 125 x 125 px ad that will appear on our sidebar. If you’re on a larger screen, you can probably see them on your right, right now. See anything you might be interested in? Click and support our amazing writers!

For more information on our audience and advertising options, please see our media kit and rate card.

Wait, what do I put on an invoice?

If you’ve never created an invoice before, PayPal has a handy system for doing this, or you can create an invoice in Word. I use FreshBooks for all my invoicing needs (it’s amazing, but pricey if this isn’t a major part of your income). Whatever works for you.

All invoices should have an itemized list of what has been submitted. Please don’t just write “A review” or “An article” — we publish four to seven of these per week, and have more than 60 contributors in any given year. Please cite the specific book reviewed, or the title of the article. If you have the date that the piece was published, even better.

Invoices should have your name and PayPal account, so I know where to send the money. If you submit an invoice through PayPal, this information will automatically be included.

Also, please remember that invoices should be billed in Canadian funds.

What if I don’t wanna invoice you?

If I don’t receive an invoice from you by the end of December, I will send an itemized list to you requesting an invoice for what’s on it. If I don’t hear back, I won’t chase you again until 31 March 2019 — another three months.

I want to pay you. I really, really do, but the administrative side of this is starting to do me in. Hopefully this will be a better way?


I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, or walk you through the process if you’re unsure about anything.

Thanks again for your amazing work, and I look forward to paying you soon!