Spiral Nature Poll for June 2019

June’s poll asks, Which future columns would you like to see?

Which future columns would you like to see?

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We’ve introduced a bunch of new columns this year, including an herbalism column from Michelle Simkins, where we’ve published articles such as:

Amanda Wilson is our arts columnist, and has shone the spotlight on artists who are (as yet) less well known, as well as sharing how you, too, can incorporate art into your magical practice with articles such as:

A crystals and scared stones column from Dallas Jennifer Cobb, with articles like:

Emma Kathryn, now also an assistant editor with Spiral Nature, writes about everyday witchcraft in her column, and has covered numerous topics, such as:

Chrysanthemum White Alder‘s column is more freeform in topic, but is always insightful. Recent articles have included the following:

Our mythology and folklore columnist, John Farrell, focuses mainly on Heathen topics, and recently has written:

And, of course, our ever-popular astrology column from Eric J. Pride, where you can always view the latest at Hidden Insights.

(We would post a list, but depending on when in the month you’re reading this, it may be less helpful than just clicking on Hidden Insights to see what’s new.)

If you enjoy the work these writers do, please drop them a line to let them know, whether by commenting, emailing, or getting in touch with them on social media. Writers love to hear that the work they’ve put out there has impact, and your interaction might help spark a future post. How neat would that be?

We love the work our columnists do (as well as our freelance writers!), but we’re wondering what else you’d like to see a regular column on?

Click to vote above, and/or let us know in the comments.

Image credits: Stanley Zimny with work from Psyche