Image by Orna Ben-ShoshanThere’s nothing like first-hand evidence to start to explain the powers of the sacred 72 names of God on one’s life. I was first introduced to this system of 72 letter combinations about 15 years ago during a kabbalah course, but did not realize their mighty power until I started working with them several years ago. These are truly life-transforming agents, a divine gift to humankind.

The mystical kabbalah is a large ocean of wisdom. It introduces us to many universal secrets about the internal nature or structure of the universe and places humankind as the crown of creation.

Many of the key elements of the kabbalah are based on the Bible. As we know, the (Hebrew) Bible is much more than a simple historical document or a book of rules. Studying the hidden or secret aspects of the Bible exposes us to encoded data that describes the hierarchy of the worlds, and the powers that created everything that exists. The encoded data also includes prophecies, coded messages, different names related to the creator, and much more.

The 72 names of God are encoded in the bible in the book of Exodus, chapter 14, in the famous story about the exodus from Egypt and the escape from the army of Pharaoh. This is one of the most dramatic scenes in the Bible, as we read in the story itself. A miracle was needed in order to rescue the Hebrews, and what generated this miracle is encoded in the three verses that tell us about the parting of the Red Sea.

How the 72 names are formulated

Verses 19, 20 21 of chapter 14 in Exodus, contain one of the most valuable jewels of the kabbalah.

As you can see, each one of the three verses has exactly 72 letters in it.

Image by Orna Ben-Shoshan

When the three verses are written in three consecutive lines, the first one from right to left, the second one from left to right, and the third one from right to left, this is what it looks like:

Image by Orna Ben-Shoshan

Now, let’s read the verses from top to bottom. (I only show here a small fraction of the structure):

Image by Orna Ben-Shoshan

As you can see, we get 72 sets of 3-letter combinations. These are the sacred 72 names of God.

Image by Orna Ben-Shoshan

These three verses demonstrate the power of God in all its might. What is encoded in them is, in fact, a tool that helps mankind to control the physical world. With the help of the 72 names of God the Hebrews overcame what seemed to be an inevitable fate, a negative adversity that originated in ego and doubt.

According to kabbalistic wisdom, we are capable of controlling the physical nature. The only barrier that blocks this ability is the ego — as described in kabbalah, the ego is a shield, a shell that hides the divine light. When we overcome the ego, we can manipulate nature to act to our advantage. The Zohar explains that despite our total identification with the ego (we consider it to be our true selves), the ego is not actually what we are. Our mission in this world is to remove the shield that hides our true nature, and expose the essence and potential of who we really are.

Throughout hundreds of years, kabbalists have recognized the powers of the 72 letter combinations as vessels through which the divine light is descending into the physical realm.

However, the significance of the sacred 72 names were undisclosed to most people along the centuries, and their secret was kept by very few kabbalists.

As the study of kabbalah developed since the 12th century, these letter combinations were used by kabbalistic experts for different religious or mystical prayers and rituals, in order to open the soul to the light of the divine. They were also assigned in hand-written amulets, but the knowledge of their blessed attributes was unknown to most people. It was passed along generations from teachers to their selected disciples.

In modern kabbalah study, most of the information about the sacred names becomes known to the general public, and anyone interested can implement the 72 names of God in their daily life.

The kabbalah teaches that each one of the 72 names is capable of transmitting its own unique energetic frequency that is needed in any given life circumstance. The 72 names of God can be implemented on a daily basis to help us solve anything that needs correction. We can use them to protect ourselves from danger, negative energies or the evil eye, overcome challenges and unexpected calamity. We can remove barriers that separate us from fulfilling happiness, build up self-esteem, cure disease, open the gates to material success, loving relationships, connection to the divine, developing supernatural abilities, deliver knowledge and enhance peace on the personal and global levels. The 72 names of God create direct substantial transformation on the deepest spiritual level, which is reflected in the physical level. Their energies can affect your spiritual DNA and create stable changes.

Many of us live in an auto-pilot mode. At a certain points in life we develop habits, inclinations, behavioural patterns or addictions that answer a specific needs and help us function in challenging circumstances. Some of these habits are negative and even destructive, but they served us quite well when we were looking for some relief to our distress. However, destructive behavioural patterns can become a serious burden when we want to grow and transform. They block our progress and inflict pain as they form a shield that hides our true authentic selves. However, we can change the situation by activating a particular energy frequency that neutralizes this harmful phenomena:

The letter combination Peh-He-Lamed (פ-ה-ל) helps to overcome addiction, change negative habits, remove harmful lusts, destructive ambitions and self-pity and cuts the connection with your dark sides. It prevents weight loss resulting from torment. פ.ה.ל will give you the discipline to overcome the ego, self-centred and selfish impulses. It will induce success, self-control and leadership.

As you can see in many metaphysical stores, the 72 names are engraved into different jewellery items, so people can wear them on the body. However, keeping the letter combinations at your vicinity, or just looking at them, is not enough. I can compare this to gazing at a picture of a mouth-watering dish, without smelling, tasting or digesting it. By merely looking, we prevent our bodies from enjoying the good nutrients this food has to offer. Same goes with the 72 names: you should actually assimilate the sacred letter combinations in your energy field in order to utilize their energies and create changes on all levels of your being — the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In most cases, this can be done by extensive visualization.

A kabbalistic visualization

There are many methods to meditate with the sacred names, and here is one example, using the letter combination Peh-He-Lamed (פ-ה-ל):

Image by Orna Ben-Shoshan

  1. Find yourself a quiet and pleasant place where you can relax for a few minutes. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  2. Imagine the letters Peh-He-Lamed פהל encapsulated in small bubbles of bright light floating all around you. Their presence make you calmer and illuminate your being.
  3. Imagine a spout opening and rising from your crown chakra, ready to absorb the sacred letters.
  4. Imagine the name of God Yod-He-Vav-He (in Hebrew: Shem hameforash = יהוה. In English: Jehovah) appearing a few yards above your head, with its letters spread wide apart.
  5. Imagine the three letters Peh-He-Lamed (פהל) going through the spaces between the letters of Shem Hameforash, descending into the spout over your crown chakra.
  6. More and more פהל are pouring down through Shem Hameforash into the spout, and entering your head.
  7. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, push the letters down into your body. Do it several times until you feel your body saturated with the name פהל.
  8. Keep this vision for a few more minutes and pay attention to your feeling.

Image by Orna Ben-ShoshanIt is recommended to repeat this process every day over a week in order to fortify the effect of the sacred name on your energy field.

As mentioned before, there are several techniques that can be used to “inhale” the letter combinations and assimilate them in the body. Whenever you feel a change in your energy field during the process, be sure that the letters are doing their job on you. Changes take place on the deepest level, in the cellular DNA. Pay attention to your mood and attitudes after a week’s process.

According to the kabbalah, any transformational change may take 40 days of incubation until we can notice a substantial change in physical life.

Choosing helpful letter combinations

One of the methods is to look at the table of letter combinations, scan it with your eyes, and choose the one that attracts your attention the most. This is probably the letter combination that you need to work with at this point.

During my personal practice with the sacred 72 names of God, I went through a massive change in my attitudes, and became much calmer and self-assured. This is an ongoing process for me. I feel that I can flow more smoothly with my life circumstances and follow my true nature with joy and satisfaction.