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Upperworld, by Chris Allaun

Chris Allaun's Upperworld: Shamanism and Magick of the Celestial Realms deals with the celestial realm of magick.
Circle grate, photo by clairebear83613

The structure of our circles: 10 lessons in community building

I am curious about the ways leaders operate within our communities and the ways the idea of a “clergy” might come about in organic groups.
Nightside of the Rune by Thomas Karlsson

Nightside of the Runes, by Thomas Karlsson

Although, Nightside of the Runes was written for a specific audience, this book is definitely worth a look by anyone studying the occult.
Detail of Wheel of Fortune, Rider Tarot, by Pamela Colman Smith, photo by Numerology Sign

Learning tarot: Three ways to read the cards everyday

Tarot are cards of journey. We use them to plot our way through life and seek answers for decisions yet made.
Amber, photo by Karen Bhamra

Amber and its ancient healing properties

As a young woman, I travelled in Mexico and met one of my life-long loves, amber. I would get to know its healing and magical properties.
Ladybug in forest of lemon balm, photo by dogs & music

Lemon balm elixir to connect with the Earth

This lemon balm elixir will help you become more aware of your connection nature, reminding you that you are never truly separate from the earth.
The Holy Wild, by Danielle Dulsky

Holy Wild, by Danielle Dulsky

The Holy Wild by Danielle Dulsky is a revolutionary guide for feminine empowerment that offers a paradigm shift in the history of witchcraft.
The Law of Three: A weakening egregore? at Spiral Nature

The Law of Three: A weakening egregore?

Most people that work magick have heard the admonishment. “Before you cast that spell, remember the Law...
Ginger root, photo by Marco Verch

Success drawing wash: How to make, consecrate, and use it

Washes are a fantastic way to utilize witchcraft in your everyday life, and this success drawing wash can help you achieve your goals.
Beltane blast: Rituals and activities for the first of May at Spiral Nature

Beltane blast: Rituals and activities for the first of May

Beltane is a time of celebration: Fertility, fairies, frolicking and friends, when the Veil between the realms is at its thinnest.
Vinegar jars, photo by Juska Wendland

Washes, waters, and vinegars: Magical liquids and their uses

Washes, waters, and vinegars are great for use in our everyday lives and they can be made well in advance for use later on.
Pin cushion, photo by Steve Johnson

Before you hex: A checklist for negative workings

Hexing happens when you run out of options while playing fair and have to create a new tool. If you must cast a hex, know why, and aim well.

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