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Crystal Clear by Golnaz Aliibagi

Crystal Clear, by Golnaz Alibagi

Crystal Clear: Change Your Energy, Heal Your Life by Golnaz Alibagi has certainly piqued my crystal curiosity once again.
Petrified wood rings, photo by Klop Pe

Petrified wood connects us to our deep roots

From the Latin petro meaning rock or stone, petrified wood is the fossilized remains of trees or terrestrial vegetation.
You Are Magical, by Tess Whitehurst

You Are Magical, by Tess Whitehurst

In You Are Magical, Tess Whitehurst offers an introduction to "the fundamentals of living a magical life."
Poppet magick: Stitching creativity at Spiral Nature

Poppet magick: Stitching creativity

© Amanda Wilson 2019 I absolutely love incorporating my crafty side into my witchcraft or devotional practice. I’m...
Gastropod fossil, photo by James St. John

Bless your evolution: A simple fossil magick rite

Keep the blessed fossil on your altar, beside your bed, or in your spirit bag for regular reminders of how you are supported.
Gastropod fossil, photo by James St. John

Connecting with the ancient wisdom of fossil magick

If you are drawn to things of the spirit, consider fossils as powerful helpers. Wherever you live, consider learning a little about geology.
Working Conjure by Sen Moise

Working Conjure, by Hoodoo Sen Moise

Hoodoo Sen Moise explores the origins and practice of hoodoo rootwork in Working Conjure: A Guide to Hoodoo Folk Magic.
Single red rose, photo by Mike Kniec

Make a love charm with rosehips this season

Rose petals or blossoms are common ingredients for a spell or love charm, but for most of us they aren't available in winter.
Milk and rose petal bath, photo by Dennis Wong

Love, romance, and rose magick

When you contemplate casting a love spell, there's a good chance roses immediately come to mind. And for good reason.
Weather magick, part 2: Shamanic weather-working at Spiral Nature

Weather shamanism and working with nature spirits

When it comes to weather shamanism, the aim is not to alter the weather, but understand it as creative as it is destructive.
Rolling thunder, photo by Ou Chocktaw

Weather witching: Harnessing the power of weather magick

Weather magick is not about exerting control over the elements, but connecting to the flow of energy and moving with the currents.
Mushroom by Georgics Kaleadis

Microdosing Magic, by Tom Hatsis

I was excited to pick up Microdosing Magic by Tom Hatsis , a book about microdosing psychedelic mushrooms as a magical practice.

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