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How to work with planetary hours.

Tarot herbalism.

On exploring your mythic persona.

Tantra, martial arts, and pain.

Learning tarot as if you were consuming fast food, and why it’s not a great idea.

Astral entities bugging you? Try out these tips.

Begin with what you have now — a tarot spread.


On the many forms of love.

Bring out your dead! On categorizing dead folk in ancestor work.

Communing with plant spirits.

Another brief history of modern Paganism.

On the psychological and spiritual underworld. (See also, “Pomegranates and trauma: Delving into the Underworld.”)

As a non-hugger, I embrace the move towards asking for consent before grabbing at people you’re only loosely familiar with.


Photos of the modern witches of Poland.

Look forward to the publication of a newly discovered tarot deck from Austin Osman Spare.


A review of Whisper of Love, an oracle deck.

The Fountain Tarot reviewed, and interviewed.

A review of A Practical Guide to Irish Spirituality.


Lovecraftian school board  member wants to add madness to the curriculum. I can appreciate that.