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Mogg Morgan is a publisher, writer, pagan practitioner, independent scholar & theorist. He was Wellcome research student at Oxford, where his teacher was the late Professor B K Matilal, a widely respected expert on South Asian rational thought. He has published widely on both Indology & Egyptology. His many books include Ayurveda: Medicine of the Gods; The English Mahatma, a Tankhem novel; as Katon Shual, a book on Sexual Magick. More recently a sequence of books combining academic research with practical experimentation beginning with Tankhem: Seth & Egyptian Magick, The Bull of Ombos: Seth and Egyptian Magick II, The Ritual Year in Ancient Egypt, Supernatural Assault in Ancient Egypt, and Phi-Neter: Power of the Egyptian Gods. Forthcoming is Isis: Goddess of Egypt & India.

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