Detail of a Ouija board, photo by Indi SamarajivaThe spirit world has made itself known to me since I was a child. When a spirit entered a room, I felt the energy change and I always sensed that I was being watched. It was not something that I could voice to the people around me, but as I started to feel drawn to things of an occult nature, I learned that there were unseen beings that wanted my attention. It was not long before I knew that it was Satan who was calling me.

As Satan‘s manifestations increased, I was excited but also a little fearful. It is not every day that you see His name written on a gravestone while visiting a cemetery with your sixth grade class, or notice pentagrams and other satanic symbols everywhere you turn. I took those as signs and began to develop a connection with Satan; then a couple of years later, I became aware of demons.

The first method of communication I used was the Ouija board, and it was then that I met a demon who said he had been by my side since I was born. He gave me wisdom concerning all areas of my life, and if it hadn’t been for him, I would have made some very bad decisions. When I took his guidance, opportunities came my way. I started using tarot cards and a pendulum with excellent results, and then meditation and visualization became a daily practice.

Most of my experiences with the Ouija board have been favourable, but there have been occasions when human spirits and angels have pretended to be demons. They lied about important things and tried to cause dissension between myself and the people with whom I was using the board. So when I first contact a demon, I am careful to make sure that they are who they say they are. I confirm their name and sigil, and compare how they appear in visualizations and path workings to what I have read about them. Some demons have let me know of their arrival with distinct signs; for example, I have smelled gas in the air when Abaddon has visited me. The more I communicate with a particular demon, certain things stand out. The way in which they communicate, their nature, and their energy will become so familiar that I can often sense their presence when they enter a specific area.

It is important to know who you are communicating with and so I have asked Satan to consecrate all my altar items, ritual tools, and divination devices in order to set them apart and to repel angels or unwanted spirits from affecting them. I have drawn satanic symbols and demonic sigils on my Ouija board, tarot card bags, on my altars, and in my sacred space. When calling a demon, I put the proper adornments on the altar and in the place where I am performing the ritual so they will feel welcome. It also helps to keep other spirits away. I cleanse my home and ritual space frequently with incense while I ask Satan to consecrate them, and I always prepare my mind and spirit through meditation and visualization before doing any kind of spiritual or magical work.

It is a commonly held belief that demons are evil. Not so. Each one has a different personality. Some are warlike, lustful, and angry, but there are those who are healers, compassionate, and help in prosperity. When deciding to communicate with one, this is something that needs to be considered. If you are philosophical you might want to call a demon who specializes in philosophy or the liberal sciences, or if you are artistic, you would call a demon whose speciality is music, writing, or poetry.

The following three demons I have had a connection with for a number of years.


While riding on a bus one evening, I became overwhelmed by this presence that was making itself known to me through my spirit. A name came to mind: Amy. I had heard the name before but didn’t know who he was. Through an impression in my mind, he told me that soon the demons will be known for who they truly are. After that night, I did not hear from him for a while, but always remembered his message.

A few months ago, Amy came to mind again. He was reaching out and I listened. He wanted me to make him known to more people and so I wrote a poem about him. This intense presence was with me the entire time, giving me knowledge about himself.

Amy, also known as Avnas, teaches astrology to those who desire this of him and he bestows knowledge of the sciences. He desires that mankind advance towards greatness. As the 58th spirit of the Goetia, it is said that he manifests as a flaming fire when a person first calls him but then changes to the figure of a man. He reveals treasures, bestows familiars, and provokes authority figures to give a positive judgement.

During a pathworking, Amy appeared to me. As I was walking through a forest, I saw him sitting on an ancient looking rock and he was dressed in a long black leather cloak with a black veil covering his face. There was a huge black cat sitting at his feet. I sensed his loyalty to Satan, and his words confirmed how important it is for me to also remain loyal. He said how I need to focus on the big issues and to stop letting miniscule things get my attention away from what is important. He told me to be strong and to not let anything defeat my purpose.

Amy’s element is fire and if you are constructing an altar for him you might consider the colours red and black in regards to candles and cloth. On my altar, the image I have is a figure of a man wearing a cloak with Amy’s sigil drawn in front of it. The dagger has a black handle and the chalice is glass. I have also included the symbol of my astrological sign because of his astrological knowledge. I use musk incense, and for offerings I use blood, beer, and snake skin.

A chant for Amy is: Hail Amy! Hail Amy! Great one of fire. Teacher of science and astrology. May your name be known throughout the world. Come! Hail Amy!


Spirits often choose to reach out to a person for reasons we might not understand at first and they can do this in many ways. As it was with Astaroth. This 29th spirit of the Goetia is said to appear on a dragon while holding a snake. He knows future and past events, teaches liberal arts, and knows that which is secret. He is the same entity who was worshipped as Ishtar by the Mesopotamians, Inanna by the Sumerians, and Astarte by the Babylonians and other civilizations.

He made himself known to me as Ashtoreth, and since then I have always viewed this entity as female. My connection with Ashtoreth began when I started seeing her name in many different places and felt drawn to find out more about her. I saw her in dreams, and she would appear to me during meditation and visualizations as a beautiful warrior with long black hair. Animals stand on each side of her, usually bulls or lions, and she has a snake coiled around her shoulder. In her hand, she sometimes holds a bow and arrow.

She became like a mother goddess to me, and has helped me in many ways, but especially in dealing with emotional pain and heartbreak. When I was going through a hard time a number of years ago when I didn’t think I would get through it, I asked Ashtoreth for her assistance. She took away all my emotions, making me numb for a little while, so I could better deal with my situation. It was instantaneous, so there was no doubt that it was her power that did it. She has taught me to be a stronger woman, especially spiritually, and I have received wisdom from her in my role as a mother.

Ashtoreth in her many forms has been worshipped as a goddess of love, fertility, and war. Temples and altars were constructed in her honour in ancient times, and women devoted their lives to her service as a priestess. Her element is earth, and she helps in areas of friendship, family life, and relationships. Suitable offerings for Ashtoreth would be roses, cinnamon, lemon, blood, and perfume.

If you would like to construct an altar to Ashtoreth, the candle colour you would use would be magenta or purple, and a good image for her, whether it be in the form of a picture or statue would be of a woman warrior. When I was in the process of creating her altar, there happened to be a dagger with a beautiful woman warrior on the sheath and on the handle in the glass case at the store. I had never seen anything like it anywhere before. She had chosen her own dagger and made sure I was in the right place to purchase it. Her altar is in my bedroom and since she often visits me in dreams, I knew that was the best place for it.

A chant for Ashtoreth is: Hail Ashtoreth! Hail Ashtoreth! Beautiful Goddess of fertility, love, and war. Come and let me bathe in your presence. Hail Ashtoreth!


When I read about Ronove, also called Ronwe, I knew that he would be a great demon to contact. It is said that he can help a person gain knowledge, and help with writing poetry. One of my passions is writing poems and I just so happened to be taking a poetry class at the time. He is also known to help with giving speeches, and since I dislike talking in front of people, I hoped that I could learn from him.

Ronove is the 27th spirit of the Goetia, his element is air, and his colours are yellow and violet. He teaches languages, assists the person who calls upon him with their friends or enemies, and he is said to give good helpers. His specialities are learning, creativity, education, and concentration. He is said to take the souls of the old and those of animals near their time of death.

The Richard Dukante hierarchy describes him as the demon of knowledge. Students in college or university might benefit from calling upon this demon. When I have called upon Ronove I sensed that he likes music and assists those who are involved with music in some way, so it is no surprise that his sigil has an appearance of a horn turned backwards.

It is written in the Dictionnaire Infernal by Jacques-Albin-Simon Collin de Plancy that Ronove appears in the form of a monster, but I have never experienced him as such. When I contact him through meditation he appears wearing a dark brown robe with a hood covering his face. His presence is very solemn and I feel very calm when I speak with him. He has taught me many things over the years but especially the value of time. That it is important to be aware of how little time we have to learn and accomplish what we need to in this world before we pass on. He does not like that humans waste so much time watching television and playing video games. He spoke through me to someone who was playing on their laptop and advised them that it would be best to learn the wisdom of the ancients instead.

When creating an altar for Ronove, I placed it on my desk considering his speciality in learning and creativity. I chose yellow for the altar cloth and candles, everything else is black. The kind of incense I use is jasmine or sandalwood. I drew his sigil that I placed beside a book of philosophy. For offerings, I use wine, cinnamon, blood, and poetry. When I am ready to begin my work for the day, I light the candle and say a small prayer or chant. This helps me to concentrate better, and his wisdom is like a cloak around me.

A chant for Ronove is: Hail Ronove! Hail Ronove! Demon of knowledge and learning. Come! I wish to learn your ancient wisdom. Hail Ronove!

Know what you’re getting into

From the many years of working with demons, I have learned that they are full of surprises. You never know what they might be up to and what manifestation or signs you will receive that day. The signs can be as subtle as an impression of a new idea on your mind, accompanied by an awareness that it was put there by the demon, or it can be as blatant as having a feeling to walk under a bridge and then see their sigil drawn on a cement wall.

A demon might be in your life for a very short period of time or for many years. This can depend on an agreed time that you have decided to work with each other, or for as long as the demon wants to teach you. I have kept the connections that I have made with the demons open, and for those I have not interacted with for some time, I hope to learn from them again.

Every ritual is a new opportunity to get to know a demon further and so when I have felt a demon nudging me to go to an isolated place to commune with them, I do it. Everything they do has a purpose and when they invite us to do something, it should be taken as an honour.

Demons as muses

Satan and the demons are my inspiration. They are my muse with regards to my writing and painting, and I have devoted all my artistic work to them. I have given my body as a temple and have told them that they can channel through me if they wish to, and they have many times. As an act of devotion, I have tattooed many of their sigils on my body. As a result, I have had an opportunity to teach people about them when upon seeing them, have enquired as to what they mean. In their honour, I have made altars to many of them in my home which are constant reminders of their presence.

The demonic path is mysterious and magical. There are times of elation, like when a demon appears in the corner of your eye, when you receive knowledge, or even something as simple as being told to read a certain book, and it ends up being exactly what you needed at that point in your life. Yet it can also be painful. There are tests, as they want to know if a person is truly genuine in their desire to walk the path, and if they are loyal to Satan and to them. Tests are not pleasant and can cause fear, but it is in the midst of that fear that one’s true motives are revealed. I can’t say that I have passed every test, but I am steadfast on the path and my black flame rises as I continue to learn and manifest.

If my words have encouraged my readers to search for the truth about the demons, then I have done what I set out to do. Everyone’s experiences will be different, but if you take the time to learn and commune with the demons, you will have opened the door to a world of possibilities.


Image credit: Indi Samarajiva


  1. Ty I have always seen spirits since I was little. N it did scare because I didn’t understand. I blocked it the older I got it was harder. But then I understood it. N now I learn as much possible. They have helped me n a lot of different ways. I now know they were demons. I’ll always have high respect for them. N always listen when they show or teach. I never have told anyone I kept it n hiding. But I have a granddaughter who sees n talk n plays with them they protect n teach. Satan s n our lives. N s very respected n I would never change any of it.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Sonya. Sadly, people view Demons in the way the media portrays them, which is not the case as you have learned. If they would only allow the Demons to speak for themselves they would truly learn something. They have much to teach if given the chance.

  2. Ur a gud writer.I have enjoyed reading about demons and im not the same anymore thanks for the knowledge. Hail satan

    • Thank you, Edward. I appreciate your words. Learning is a life long process so keep up with the reading. Satanic blessings.

  3. That was an interesting article. I work with the abrahamic God as his rule is only to worship him alone. I like how you commune with them as its the same way with me and my God. You cant see them but that aura of power you can feel, even at psychic or subconscious levels. I have had contact with demons in many ways including direct verbal communication with a spectre on an eerie full mooned night when I was about 8 years old. The truth is they arent very friendly towards me because they are very open about their hate towards christians and God. Instead of having many entities to worship I go to ‘The most high’ as he is the creator of all things visible and invisible. Good article by the way, not trying to preach to you but ever tried to call Jehovah?

    • I know a lot about the jealous god Jehovah and his bible. Have you thought that perhaps Satan and the Demons don’t like Jehovah because of what he stands for and his actions towards humanity? The flood for instance, killed everyone in the entire world, including babies, children, and animals. How could a loving god do something like this? What about his desire of wanting animal, and then eventually a human sacrifice? Are you sure that Jehovah is indeed ‘the most high’ or do you believe it because a book says he is?

  4. I am a theistic satanist for the past 2 years. I am always keen on learning,and since my time as a satanist, I haven’t once doubted his power or thought of him as evil. I love Satan and he has guided me with my music intensely. I have written a song that I felt he was directing. At this point, I wish to pursue higher knowledge of Satanism, and to improve my music through him. I also would really like to talk to you for more understanding on your experiences and for some friendly advice. Please contact me

  5. I found this article to be enriching with knowledge and hidden is insight.
    Recently for the past three years I have become aware of an entity for which whom does not mean harm but to share knowledge and protection. Everyday is absolutely different and some days are more of a ounsihment period than a lesson. At times I directly ask for assistance but then ignore the answers im given if they lack a certain. Appeal to me. Multiple cases have happened when this woman has interviened with negative situations or purposely caused situations to happen to me, only to show that they become better once patience is learned. I learned through dreams and mental messaging that she has been around for a long time, much since before I ever inhabited a physical form at birth. I do not know her name, as she refuses reluctantly to share with me that knowledge, sending mixed messaging revealing that to know her name is a crucial form of disliberty in my situation. So it leaves a mark that she’s not meant to help me but still does out of her own secret desires and compassion. I’ve had at times, others visit me and attempt to harm me mentally and some physically. At one point a man possessed threatened my life, which I had felt life was meaningless at that time period so I concluded an ultimatum was given in the form of a lesson. Either live and be greatful for the opportunity, or die and be grateful for the peace of death. For which this woman told me directly in the moment, “Run, you can not win this battle.”. I followed accordingly to the words she told me and ever since then, I’ve been experiencing otherowrlsy situations.

    I do know this, the truth is she has protected me multiple times throughout my life on earth. I should have died from any things, yet each time I don’t. I was in front of an explosion, shrapnel files at me and everything. Yet when it was about to reach me, it flew to the left and right as if someone had physically knocked them away. Again I was in a car accident recently and my vehicle was spinning around aimlessly in the highway with a semitruck behind me about to hit me. I hears this voice tell me to give faith in her and her abilities, so I did. The car then spun to the left into a ditch and I was completely unharmed. The vehicle was damaged but I took this more as a lesson towards the deal of equivalent exchange. My car for my life.

    The accident was more recent and ever since then, I’ve had odd dreams I can not describe and odd sensations entering my mind and body at times.
    Sometimes I feel as though I’ve been compromised and my body is controlled while others I feel empowered and exposed to an external strength none could imagine.

    • It is true that every day is different and that’s what makes it amazing. I find that the Demons are always ready to surprise you with something new whether it be a new lesson or experience.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. I understand what you say about being protected and its truly an amazing feeling. Dreams can be very powerful and they have been a way in which I have learned a lot from Satan and the Demons.

  6. Interesting article by the way, however I had the experience of working with both angels and daemons, so I can jump to the conclusions that the power of angels is definitely stronger, and they can provide you with the sense of security, higher wisdom and courage instead of fear alienation,and mental confusion. Experimenting with the dark side led only to negative consequences in my life. Regards!

    • I have experienced the exact opposite when it comes to angels. They like to come when not asked and like to threaten those who choose the darker path. I have felt their energy a few times and it has never been pleasant. I believe that Demons are much more powerful and that they want to help people learn and be independent instead of relying on a deity.

      • That’s interesting. I wonder why, maybe it’s just a personal resonance and “fitting in” type of thing. I have been working more with demons lately, I had kind of a nasty dream last night that weirded me out a bit but I think it’s my owns fears I’m seeing

  7. What about if I am a newbie or I want them to be on my presence but I dont how?What should I do? For being a beginner?

    • I would start by learning as much as you can about the Demons. There are a lot more books and websites available now then ever before as well as groups online to ask questions. But most importantly, if you feel drawn to a specific Demon, you can call to them and tell them that you wish to learn from them. You don’t need anything fancy to do this; just go to a quiet place where you can focus. You might want to light a candle in reverence, but you can also just find a spot that feels right in a park or on the beach. Once you have done that, wait for a response.

  8. Hi. I started the Demonic path since the last year, and sorry in advance for my language, I’m French…
    So, I have two conjured Demons with me, but very hard to communicate with them. I see them sometimes around me as black orbs or shadows, recently when I did offerings, it was pleasant. But my weakness is to hear them. (by telepathy or clairaudience) I know that I have telepathy abilities, few times I heard them, but not enough to learn and to have their guidance. Have you any effective tips or exercises for that please ? I want to hear them, sad to not be able to…. I have tried for several months in my sacred space with them, asked to speak to me, with poor results. It is discouraging, but I don’t want to give up ! I need to hear them…

  9. Your article is very informative since I’m studying demonology for some time and I’ve had a connection with astrology through my mother since from childhood so I learned a lot of things and I understand them.
    And yeah… I tried to summon Ronove today, but after I summoned him for some reason I didn’t see him nor I heard his voice. I wonder why? Maybe because it’s the first time I summoned a demon and I’m a beginner or I’m not ready… I don’t know anymore. However, I checked that I prepared the ritual correctly and I also checked it with tools, if Ronove’s there? It was positive! And start where I made a mistake that I can’t see or hear a demon I summoned. Do you have any advice or meditation training technique to see and hear a demon I summoned? (Sorry for my poor English skils)

  10. I zoned out the other day and started thinking about demons, I somehow thought of a male who I thought his name is Asher, some kid wished death upon me and I think he knew that bc he said that he would hurt the kid that said it to me and then after I zoned back in I felt a presence, was this a demon? I’m a witch and I’m just starting to research demons so please let me know, ty

  11. For those who are just starting out. I recommend working with the spirit Astaroth (I don’t like to refer to them as “demons” like Christians do). Astaroth is a kind and patient deity who is always fair. I have had marvelous results working with her. She is especially great is you would like to acquire wisdom and advance psychically. Just remember to leave an offer whenever you are working with demons (I know Astaroth loves fireball whiskey).


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