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Book and pumpkin, photo by Torange

Books to read for Hallowe’en

I thought we'd offer some of the best books we've covered at Spiral Nature over the past few years that would be great reads for this Hallowe'en.
Detail of a Ouija board, photo by Indi Samarajiva

Working with demons

From the many years of working with demons, I have learned that they are full of surprises.
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Linkage: Hugs, Babalon, and weird cemeteries

Magick Feeling down? How 'bout a big hug? In the tarot, the Death card means many things to many people. Barbara Moore has noticed a shift...
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Linkage: Death, pop culture, and literary monsters

Thanks to technology, are we all wizards now?
Ouija board, photo by Adeline

Spirit Boards for Beginners, by Alexandra Chauran

Alexandra Chauran explores the controversy surrounding spirit boards through her personal experience, citing expert opinions, and sharing other’s stories.
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Ritual tools, Riz Aleister Crowley, and occultnik art shows

It's not necessarily the tradition that makes the magician, and other linkage.
Altered States, photo by H Koppdelaney

Words of the magi: An interview with Alan Chapman and Duncan...

Alan Chapman and Duncan Barford of The Baptist's Head and Open Enlightenment were kind enough to answer several questions I put to them.

Victor Hugo’s Conversations with the Spirit World, by John Chambers

Victor Hugo's Conversations with the Spirit World: A Literary Genius's Hidden Life, by John Chambers Destiny Books, 1594771820, 372. pp, 1999, 2009 I’m sure that, at...

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot