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Feeling down? How ’bout a big hug?

In the tarot, the Death card means many things to many people. Barbara Moore has noticed a shift in her understanding of the card.

Names and seals of the Olympic spirits.

Jason Miller offers great advice on practicing magick without stuff.

“Raw Power: Witchcraft, Babalon and Female Sexuality” has been archived on Scarlet Imprint’s blog.


17th century “witch marks” discovered under floorboards at Knole in England.

In Pagan and occult circles we hear a lot about cultural appropriation, but what about cultural inappropriation?

Was the myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece based on true events?

On Pagan millennials.

Offerings to the little folk.

A great post on social acceptance and gender variance. (See also this recent post from Deirdre Riley, “God, Goddess, and Other: Fertility faiths and queer identities“.)

More gnostic musings.

Erick DuPree interviews Lou Florez, a spiritual counselor, rootworker, Oshira priest, and, as he puts it, an “all around witchy guy!”

Phil Hine writes about the tantric body-in-practice.

Classically, did anyone ever worship Loki?

Devotional practices for naturalistic Pagans, and here are a few more practices.

A Pagan’s views on death.


Apparently Ouija boards are a Giftmas must-buy this year, and it’s worrying the Church and Christian parents. (For the less paranoid, check out our review of Spirit Boards for Beginners.)

The weirdest cemeteries in the world.

Peter Bebergal, author of the new book Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll, was interviewed by Disinfo.


David Lee reviews Julian Cope’s 131.

Scottish Urban Myths and Ancient Legends reviewed.

Rhyd Wildermuth reviews Naomi Kline’s latest book, This Changes Everything.


A Kickstarter for jars of sauerkraut called Aleister Krautley has funded. What…?