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Keeping Her Keys, by Cyndi Brannen

Keeping Her Keys by Cyndi Brannen is an introduction to Hekate with a overview and brief history of how Hekate has been perceived over time.

Light Magic for Dark Times, by Lisa Marie Basile

There’s a trend in witch lit towards treating witchcraft as a form of self-care. Light Magic for Dark Times is the zenith of that trend.
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Before you hex: A checklist for negative workings

Hexing happens when you run out of options while playing fair and have to create a new tool. If you must cast a hex, know why, and aim well.
Working with magick, photo by NuCastiel

Elements of spellcrafting: Create your own workings, rituals, and spells

There are many challenges magicians face along their path. As you develop and grow, you will, at some point, want to engage in spellcrafting.
Hex the ex: Reflecting back negativity and breaking control at Spiral Nature

Hex the ex: Reflecting back negativity and breaking control

Do you have a burning need for revenge? Want to out some nasty 'piece of work' liar?...
Circle of Nine by Cherry Gilchrist

The Circle of Nine, by Cherry Gilchrist

Cherry Gilchrist's The Circle of Nine: An Archetypal Journey to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within is more than just an updated version.
Godhead assumption through the Middle Pillar ritual at Spiral Nature

Godhead assumption through the Middle Pillar ritual

If you are a follower of ceremonial magick as it is taught in western traditions, then it...
Magnificent magick of spell boxes at Spiral Nature

Magnificent magick of spell boxes

I use several mediums to express my creativity as an artist -- painting, writing, sculpting, crocheting, and...
Bring spring into your home this Ostara at Spiral Nature

Bring spring into your home this Ostara

By refreshing your home for Ostara, and starting new life, you are balancing the energies from the last dregs of winter with that of spring.
Working Conjure by Sen Moise

Working Conjure, by Hoodoo Sen Moise

Hoodoo Sen Moise explores the origins and practice of hoodoo rootwork in Working Conjure: A Guide to Hoodoo Folk Magic.
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Make a love charm with rosehips this season

Rose petals or blossoms are common ingredients for a spell or love charm, but for most of us they aren't available in winter.
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Weather witching: Harnessing the power of weather magick

Weather magick is not about exerting control over the elements, but connecting to the flow of energy and moving with the currents.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot