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Girdle of Ishtar, photo by Nicole Rain Sellers

The Girdle of Ishtar: Magick for activists

The Girdle of Ishtar is a witch’s ladder, a traditional talisman made by tying knots into a cord while speaking words of power.
Jailbreaking the Goddess, by Lasara Firefox Allen

Jailbreaking the Goddess, by Lasara Firefox Allen

I highly recommend Jailbreaking the Goddess to people who are unfamiliar with intersectional feminism and magick, and for creating new communities.
Jane Eyre's Sisters, by Jody Gentian Bower

Jane Eyre’s Sisters, by Jody Gentian Bower

Jane Eyre's Sisters explores the archetype of the wandering woman who must venture into the unknown to fulfil her ultimate destiny: being herself.
Detail of a Ouija board, photo by Indi Samarajiva

Working with demons

From the many years of working with demons, I have learned that they are full of surprises.

The Dragon’s Brain and Wormhole of Daath

The Qabbalistic hidden sephirah of Daath can be aligned with the throat area of Adam Kadmon whose spinal column is the trunk of the...

Notes on the performance of the Gnostic Mass

Numerous considerations go into the successful performance of Liber XV. In this short essay I will present a number of both general and specific...

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot