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Jung, Buddhism, and the Incarnation of Sophia by Henry Corbin

Jung, Buddhism, and the Incarnation of Sophia, by Henry Corbin

Jung, Buddhism, and the Incarnation of Sophia: Unpublished Writings from the Philosopher of the Soul did not fail to satisfy.
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Beditations, by Latham Thomas

Beditations by Thomas presents guided meditations, as well as discussion on the importance of balancing our active lives with effective rest.

Sleep, by Alana Fairchild

Sleep: Guided Relaxations for Unwinding at Bedtime is a simple program to aid in building (or rebuilding) our relationship with sleep.
Learning from our failures: turning lead into gold at Spiral Nature

Learning from failure: Turning lead into gold

Failure is a sign of progress. When we fail, we know we have met the boundaries of our abilities. This is where the work begins.
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Earth Air Fire Water, by Stacey DeMarco

Earth Air Fire Water, by Stacey Demarco, is a book and CD package designed to heal your energetic and spiritual bodies through balancing the four elements.

Trauma-informed meditation: Processing the past

Meditation requires us to come to terms with the ways in which our lives have shaped us, and that means coming to terms with the ways we have been wounded.
Wheel of Time, photo by Robin Dude

Deepen your connection to the land throughout the Wheel of the...

Emma Kathryn writes on how to work with the seasons of Sabbats through the year to deepen your connection to their magical influence.
Bed magick: Low-energy spells and exercises for the chronically ill at Spiral Nature

Bed magick: Low-energy spells for the chronically ill

Magical practice need not be something that requires the regalia of high ceremonial magick. We do not need to don floor-length robes and lay...

Trancework in groups: Accessing mutual imagination

Behind us is the ragged cliff face where we descended down a steep and narrow goat trail. Before us, there is a broad dais...
Happiness, by Alana Fairchild

Happiness: Meditations for Realising Your Dreams and Destiny

We’ve all heard the saying, “Happiness is an inside job.” If you know you need some help with that, Alana Fairchild’s new book and CD combo, Happiness: Meditations for Realising Your Dreams and Destiny, might be able to get you started.
Water drop, photo by Ron Kroetz

What is mindfulness, anyway? Reviews of five new books

Sure, mindfulness won't solve all your problems, but it may bring realization, joy, and more spiritual awareness into your life.
Shakta Khalsa

The Yoga Way to Radiance, by Shakta Khalsa

The Yoga Way to Radiance by Shakta Khalsa shares how incorporating yoga into raising and interacting with children can help improve their lives.

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