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Omitola Yejide Ogunsina

Dawtas of the Moon: A chat with Omitola Yejide Ogunsina

Omitola Yejide Ogunsina is the founder of Dawtas of the Moon, a convention for Black witches to meet and share their knowledge with each other. We sat down and chatted with Ogunsina to find out more about the convention and her beliefs.
Bathtub, photo by Central Hotel

Book of Sacred Baths, by Paulette Kouffman Sherman

The Book of Sacred Baths ritualizes the luxury of bathing, bringing in elements of candle magick and spellcraft, meditations and spirit guides.
Astrological candle magick, photo by Jenna Danchuk

Astrological candle magick for the Yuletide season

While the Yule season are about celebrating with others, I also try to make some space for myself amidst all of the cheer with astrological candle magick.
Book of Ho’oponopono, by Luc Bodin et al.

The Book of Ho’oponopono, by Luc Bodin et al.

The Book of Ho'oponopono is a good resource for both long time practitioners of the technique and those who are entirely new to it.
Girdle of Ishtar, photo by Nicole Rain Sellers

The Girdle of Ishtar: Magick for activists

The Girdle of Ishtar is a witch’s ladder, a traditional talisman made by tying knots into a cord while speaking words of power.
Heatherash Amara

Warrior Goddess Meditations

The Warrior Goddess Meditations are exercises designed to help a women make real changes, free herself from limiting patriarchal beliefs and heal.
Rachel Patterson

The Art of Ritual, by Rachel Patterson

The Art of Ritual discusses the basic elements of a ritual: tools, suggested altar set up, cleansing and consecration, making sacred and physical space.
Fairycraft, by Morgan Daimler

Fairycraft, by Morgan Daimler

Fairycraft provides an introduction to what are, in essence, generalized forms of Morgan Daimler’s personal practices when it comes to fairy witchcraft.
Magic of Flowers Oracle

Magic of Flowers Oracle

The Magic of Flowers Oracle is intended as a meditation tool, an inspirational tool, and an oracle to guide your personal life.
Nature Spirituality from the Ground Up, by Lupa

Nature Spirituality from the Ground Up, by Lupa

Nature Spirituality from the Ground Up offers many tools for reconnection and "re-wilding" yourself, no matter where you live.
Lughnasadh, by Melanie Marquis

Lughnasadh, by Melanie Marquis

This guide to Lughnasadh shares the sabbat's history, ideas for spells, recipes, crafts, prayers, invocations, rituals, and more.
Pere La Chaise, cemetery carpet, photo by K Kendall

Connecting with the dead

Our ancestors are some of the most important spirits to incorporate into our spiritual practice, and there are many ways of connecting with the dead.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot