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Starhawk, photo by Stephan Readmond

Revisiting Starhawk’s Fifth Sacred Thing 24 years later

The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk was published in 1993 but in the decades since, it has become strangely apt for the times we live in today.
Pentagram sign, photo by Capes Treasures

The Rede: Not all witches

The Wiccan Rede is an important part of this tradition however, it is not a guideline for all magick work. Different practices believe different things.
Courney Weber

Courtney Weber on tarot reading for oneself

Courtney Weber's Tarot for One is a great introduction to tarot, and the techniques could just as easily be adapted to do readings for others, too.
Rope, photo by Kit

Some thoughts on the mass ritual binding of US president Donald...

During the last phase of the waning moon witches, Pagans, and occultniks organized a mass ritual binding or hexing of American president Donald Trump.
An occultnik primer

An occultnik primer

Whether you're a newcomer to the site, a seasoned occultnik or someone who's curious and just testing the waters, this occultnik primer is for you.
Discworld witches

Greatest Hits: Best of Occulture in 2016

Of the 23 articles on occulture we published in 2016, these are the 11 most popular. For the best of what we published, check out Best of Occulture 2016.
Monica Bodirsky, photo by Jenna Danchuk

Monica Bodirsky’s Lucky Lenormand: An artist’s deck

Monica Bodirsky has been reading cards for more than 35 years, and has recently published Lucky Lenormand, her first oracle deck.
The Goddess and the Shaman, by J. A. Kent

Goddess and the Shaman, by J. A. Kent

The Goddess and the Shaman revolves around the challenge of reconciling magical experience and practice with a culture of scientific materialism.
Child, campfire, photo by Rudi Schlatte

Sharing your magick with children: Feeding their curiosity and facing your...

Children are curious about magick but speaking about your beliefs can be a challenge. These tips will help you share magick with the children in your life.
Tilda Swindon as the White Witch in the Chronicles of Narnia

Black witch blues: The whiteness of magick spaces

Diversity matters in occult spaces and as a Black Witch, I haven't seen nearly enough of it.
Natalie Zaman

The wandering witch: An interview with Natalie Zaman

Pagan author Natalie Zaman's new book, Magical Destinations of the Northeast, grew out of her magazine column, "The Wandering Witch."
Natalie Zaman

The wandering witch: Natalie Zaman’s uncut interview

Natalie Zaman's new book, Magical Destinations of the Northeast, grew out of her magazine column, "The Wandering Witch."

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot