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Image of (h)Aurorae

(h)Aurorae, by Gabriel McCaughry

(h)Aurorae, Gabriel McCaughry's visual Gnostic Luciferianism grimoire, aids readers on the path of initiation.
Close up Sorcerere's Screed Cover

Sorcerer’s Screed, by Jochum magnus Eggertsson

Sorcerer's Screed The Icelandic Book of Magic Spells is highly unusual and tremendously entertaining, the product of the fevered polymathic brain of Skuggi (Shadow), who rejoiced in the given name of Jochum magnus Eggertsson.
Washing basin, photo by Flood G.

A spell of awe and protection: The Washing Verse

The Washing Verse is a versatile spell from the Icelandic grimoire tradition. The main intention behind it is protection. The act of washing is used to remove all the negative projections that people cast on you. It therefore adopts a quality of purification.
Craft ribbon, photo by chriss

Samhain: A bubbling cauldron full of fun crafts

Samhain, of all the sabbats, is the one I most associate with craft-making.
Rachel Patterson

The Art of Ritual, by Rachel Patterson

The Art of Ritual discusses the basic elements of a ritual: tools, suggested altar set up, cleansing and consecration, making sacred and physical space.
Candle Magic, by Lucya Starza

Candle Magic, by Lucya Starza

Suitable for novices and longtime practitioners, Candle Magic offers creative ways to incorporate herbs, chakras, and essential oils into candle magick.
King Solomon's Cave, photo by Paul Benjamin

Techniques of Solomonic Magic, by Stephen Skinner

Stephen Skinner's Techniques of Solomonic Magic sets out to examine the sources of the magical methods and materials found in ancient European grimoires.
The Book of Oberon, by Dan Harmes, et al.

The Book of Oberon, by Daniel Harms et al

The Book of Oberon is a modern printing of a late 16th century grimoire and is an excellent resource for understanding the development of ritual magick.
Fruit & vegetable box, photo by Ali Karimian

A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Food, by Rachel Patterson

For the practicing witch, A Kitchen Witch's Book of Magical Food is like a culinary grimoire, waiting for you to write your own spells in the margins.
Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic, by Stephen Skinner

Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic, by Stephen Skinner

In Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic, Stephen Skinner uncovers detail that brings to life magick almost 2000 years old.

The Book of Lies, edited by Richard Metzger

The Book of Lies contains everything you need to get caught up on the magical developments of the last 150 years.
Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch, by Raven Grimassi

Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch, by Raven Grimassi

Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch offers the magickal keys to accessing the spirits of the plant kingdom.

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