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The Marseille Tarot Revealed: A Complete Guide to Symbolism, Meanings & Methods

Marseille Tarot: A comparative review

Marseille Tarot is one of the oldest and most distinct tarot decks in existence. The unique art seems simple, but this deck style holds many mysteries.
Cat Tarot by Carole-Anne Eschenazi

Cat Tarot

There are a lot of really unique tarot decks out there that speak to many specific niches. Cat Tarot by Carole-Anne Eschenazi is one such deck.
Bonefire Tarot by Gabi Angus-West

Bonefire Tarot

The Bonefire Tarot by Gabi Angus-West combines tarot symbology and tattoos in a colourful deck that is stylized after the classic Sailor Jerry tattoo style.
Detail from the Epic Tarot

Epic Tarot

Epic Tarot is a dark deck. Dark in the way that our true thoughts can be dark and, although it is set in a fantasy world, it is a very serious deck.
After Tarot, detail from the Two of Cups

After Tarot Kit

The After Tarot is an interesting deck, and much can be gained from placing the Rider Tarot alongside the After Tarot, and drawing connections between them.
Detail of the High Priestess from the Tarot Illuminati

Tarot Illuminati Kit

With Tarot Illuminati, Erik C. Dunne and Kim Huggens have combined elements of both Thoth and the RWS to form a deck that is accessible and easy to read.
Modern Spellcaster's Tarot, Detail of The Hermit

Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot

Tarot is used for all types of things but it didn’t occur to me that the Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot would be more than an attention grabbing name.
Tarot spread, by Aquarian Insight

Complete Book of Tarot vs. Tarot Fundamentals: A comparative review

Choosing a text to learn tarot from can be difficult when there is so much out there. Faced with multiple books, how will you make a choice?
Color Your Tarot, by Barbara Moore

Color Your Tarot, by Barbara Moore

Colouring is emerging as a favorite pastime and method for meditation, and Color Your Tarot provides you with a customized deck and a contemplative tool.
Detail from Eight of Swords, from the Linestrider Tarot

Linestrider Tarot, by Siolo Thompson

The delicate illustrations of the Linestrider Tarot reach out to all kinds of readers, both beginners and those more experienced.
Tarot, photo by Ricardo Rosado

How to buy a tarot deck

People who are interested in tarot are often faced with a simple problem, how do you choose a deck? Donyae shares her thoughts on how to buy a tarot deck.
The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, by Liz Dean

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, by Liz Dean

Liz Dean's Ultimate Guide to Tarot offers information to suit beginners and more in-depth content about symbolism and history for those more advanced.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot