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Mead, photo by Madison Scott-Clary

Kvasir, Odin, and the Mead of Poetry

Fjalar and Galar drained Kvasir of blood, combining it with honey and their magick to create the Mead of Poetry.
Geirangerfjord, by Harmish Khambhaita

Heathens, we have a Nazi problem

Just about every online introduction to Heathenism warns you that you’re in for a whole bunch of research, and hooboy, they’re not kidding.
Runic Book of Days by S. Kelley Harrel

Runic Book of Days, by S. Kelley Harrell

S. Kelley Harrell's Runic Book of Days is a refreshingly sincere and thoughtful way to learn about runs for Heathens.
Odin, by Diana Paxson, reviewed at Spiral Nature

Odin, by Diana Paxson

Odin, by author and priestess Diana Paxson, is a wonderful text for anyone interested in a general introduction to a very complex Norse god.
Long way home: Hail and Horn Gathering 2018 at Spiral Nature

Long way home: Hail and Horn Gathering 2018

I attended the Hail and Horn Gathering at Raven’s Knoll campground and came away renewed, my Heathen faith enriched in more ways than I thought possible.
Washing basin, photo by Flood G.

A spell of awe and protection: The Washing Verse

The Washing Verse is a versatile spell from the Icelandic grimoire tradition. The main intention behind it is protection. The act of washing is used to remove all the negative projections that people cast on you. It therefore adopts a quality of purification.
Return of Odin, by Richard Rudgley

Return of Odin, by Richard Rudgley

The Return of Odin, which bears a preface entitled “The Gathering Storm” is bound to occasion a certain amount of nervousness, particularly given the subject matter. That being said, once I completed the book, this title makes perfect sense in its context.
Havamal Witches, by Danica Swanson

#HavamalWitches: We are the witches the Havamal warns you about

I didn’t mean to start an international movement against sexism in my religious community. I didn’t mean to stir the pot that deep. But,...
Frozen maple leaf, photo by Aaron Poach

Canadian Pagans taking a stand against bigotry and intolerance

On Human Rights Day last year, a group of Canadian Pagan and Heathens launched a declaration against intolerance within our communities.
Norse Goddess Magic

Norse Goddess Magic, by Alice Karlsdóttir

Norse Goddess Magic is a solid resource that makes a case for trancework as a valid means for reconstructionists to connect with their deities.
Tree, photo by subflux

Heathenry and Anglo-Saxon cosmology

Anglo-Saxon Heathenry is sometimes called Fyrnsidu, and is a nebulous and lesser-understood branch of Germanic cultural Heathenry.
Dreaming, photo by tahiyatul

Definition of Paganism

Depending on your background, the word Pagan can mean a variety of things. It has a specific meaning within the context of modern Pagan practice, but looking over origin of the term and the history of its usage may be helpful to place it in context.

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