Spiral Nature Linkage Friday, 29 December 2017


What’s the difference between a prayer and a spell?

On the magick of white pine.

Magick is a practice.

It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re just starting out, and that’s ok.

On divination and magick.

How to hibernate like a rose.

Preparation as ritual.

On setting intentions at solstice time.

A brief guide to hexing. On a related note, see Aaron Leitch’s article, “Some thoughts on the mass ritual binding of US president Donald Trump.”

Geomancy, fortune, and spirit.

On magical symbols, and what they mean.

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Who doesn’t love Krampus? Also check out Saros’ review of The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas, by Al Ridenour.

Love and light and crap.

But, Discordianism isn’t a fake religion, it’s a real religion disguised as a joke disguised as a religion. Obviously.

Though scholars aren’t in agreement over what Mithraic Mysteries were about.

On mythworking.

“An it harm none” isn’t a very satisfying moral compass. Then again, as Donyae Coles writes, the Rede isn’t for everyone.

Are goals important in spiritual work?

Andre J on self-love.

The Satanic Temple doing more good works.

Tips for running a spiritual business. See also Donyae Coles’ article, “Reading tarot professionally at parties and events.”

Worried about the so-called war on Christmas? Blame the Puritans. They started it.

On celebrating Kwanzaa.

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An interview with Chiara No about mysticism and music.

Why is Glastonbury Pagan-central for the UK?

Damh the Bard interviewed by Jason Mankey.

An interview with Francis Young on the history of political magick in England. On a related note, see Donyae Coles’ article, “Enchanted resistance: A history of political magick.”

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A comparative review of Occult London and The Old Weird Albion.

Traditional Magic Spells for Protection and Healing reviewed.

A review of The Sworn Book of Honorius.

Santa Muerte reviewed. See also Donyae Coles’ review of La Santa Muerte, by Tomás Prower.

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Bonus linkage

Dear Santa is a short about what happens when a letter to Santa gets misdirected to Satan, read by Patrick Stewart.