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Daring to Rest by Karen Brody

Daring to Rest, by Karen Brody

Daring to Rest has enabled me to learn new methods for cultivating peace, and has brought sustained and deep reaching therapeutic effects.
Exploring Fractal Time by Gregg Braden

Exploring Fractal Time, by Gregg Braden

Exploring Fractal Time is a three-part audio discussion of Braden’s concept of time as a series of repeating patterns or fractals.
Healing Your Attachment Wounds by Diane Poole Heller

Healing Your Attachment Wounds, by Diane Poole Heller

In Healing Your Attachment Wounds: Create Deep and Lasting Intimate Relationships, Diane Poole Heller explains attachment and how it forms.
Redvelations by Sera Beak

Redvelations, by Sera Beak

I recommend Redvelations to anyone interested in reclaiming pieces of the soul, and the relationship of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
beditations latham thomas blue sky clouds stars

Beditations, by Latham Thomas

Beditations by Thomas presents guided meditations, as well as discussion on the importance of balancing our active lives with effective rest.
Happier Now, by Nataly Kogan

Happier Now, by Nataly Kogan

Happier Now isn’t about learning how to live a life in which you are happy, without pain, sadness, or struggle. It is a guide to resilience.
Holy Rascals clown

Holy Rascals, by Rami Shapiro

In Holy Rascals, Rabbi Rami Shapiro describes those who give humour to spirituality, not to destroy faith, but to show the ridiculousness involved.

Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice, by Brene Brown

Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice sounds like a simple, solid method for increasing mindfulness and responding to setbacks with more equanimity.

I Am a Warrior Goddess, by Jennifer Adams

Princess stories are passee, and a new role model for young girls in on the rise: the warrior goddess!
Zoo Zen, by Kristen Fischer, illustrated by Susi Schaefer

Zoo Zen, by Kristen Fischer

Zoo Zen: A Yoga Story for Kids, by Kristen Fischer, illustrated by Susi Schaefer Sounds True, 9781622038916, 32 pp., 2017 Children’s literature has been in the news...
Room to Breathe An At Home Meditation Retreat with Sharon Salzberg

Room to Breathe, by Sharon Salzberg

Room to Breathe is easy to listen to, simple to learn from, yet you can come back and begin again, and hear something that deepens your awareness each time.

Good Morning Yoga, by Miriam Gates

Good Morning Yoga seems like a great way to get kids up and moving in the morning in a gentle and mindful way that's also a lot of fun.

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