Exploring Fractal Time by Gregg Braden
Exploring Fractal Time by Gregg Braden

Exploring Fractal Time, by Gregg Braden
Sounds True, B077F99H9J, 3 tracks, 2017

Greg Braden is a New York Times bestselling author whose books include The Isaiah Effect, The God Code, and The Divine Matrix. Exploring Fractal Time is a three-part audio discussion of Braden’s concept of time as a series of repeating patterns or fractals. He considers the year 2012, not as the end of a world age, but as a fluid turning point between two ages. This theory is based in a series of 5,000-year cycles which follow a path around the zodiac’s 12 constellations.

In the first session, Braden explores a number of facts about our current time. His claim is that in our age we face more threats than any other age in our recorded history. These threats include disease, food and water shortage, and climate change. He highlights our need to do something to prevent these crises from converging. As evidence of this looming crisis, Braden points out that this specific window of time has been predicted though history and marks the ending of an old age and the passage into a new one. He specifically marks 2012 as the beginning of this transition. Braden uses nine signs taken from Hopi prophecies to indicate how we can live meaningfully in our time and obtain the best outcome.

In the second session, Braden discusses what we can expect in regard to how the crises we are living through will affect this transition to a New Age. Braden says we can find indicators by looking back to our ancestors who lived during the last transition to a new world age. He adds that we can use these indicators to help us how to change our lives. One example he gives is that according to the 5,000 world cycles, the current climate changes we are experiencing are not anomalous, but on track for the approach of an end of a world age cycle. The challenge then is, not the changes themselves, but how we choose to deal with them and how we cooperate with other people to do so.

During the third session, Braden explores what we can do to avoid the crises. He says every cycle begins with a seed from the previous cycle and throughout the cycle there are choice points where we can change the patterns of the past. On his website, Braden developed a calculator to indicate when these choice points occur. Braden claims that understanding the cycles and patterns of energy within world ages is the key to avoiding and dealing with crises.1

Each of Braden’s discussions are followed by question and answer session between Braden and listeners to the show. In these he expands on his theory and offers more detailed explanations. His theories are very clearly explained and easy for the listener to understand. His passion for his subject matter makes the discussions pleasurable to listen to.

Braden’s many examples of ancient civilizations collapsing on the 5,000-year mark are fascinating, and I enjoyed hearing about the artifacts and remains that these societies left behind and how surprisingly advanced some of them were. While the discussions in Exploring Fractal Time do have an interesting take on the cyclic nature of time and how this pattern could predict and influence our current age, Braden is often unable to offer and solid answers to many of the questions he raises. Today, seven years on, it doesn’t seem clear to me that we have actually transitioned into a new world age, particularly as, in the main, we still seem to be using the same unsustainable systems as before. Perhaps it’s still too soon to be sure.

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