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Tattooed Tarot

Tattooed Tarot, by Pietro Alligo

With its modern yet lovely illustrations, the Tattooed Tarot would make an attractive addition to any collection.
Visconti Tarot, by A. A. Atanassov

Visconti Tarot Kit, by A A Atanassov

The Visconti tarot kit consists of a 78 card tarot deck, accompanied by a book of the same name detailing a brief history and descriptions of the cards.
The New Encyclopedia of the Occult, by John Michael Greer

New Encyclopedia of the Occult, by John Michael Greer

Written in clear and unambiguous language, the entries in The New Encyclopedia of the Occultare factual and concise, covering a wide range of topics in a more or less unbiased manner.
Nick Farrell

Magical Pathworking, by Nick Farrell

Magical Pathworking: Techniques of Active Imagination, by Nick Farrell Llewellyn Worldwide, 226 pp., 2004 If you can only order one occult book this year, then...

Summoning Spirits, by Konstantinos

Kostantinos provides a list of spirits the magician might wish to work with.
Tarot, photo by Kristen Andrus

Professional Tarot, by Christine Jette

This is not a traditional tarot book. Far better, Professional Tarot is exactly what it says it is: a guide to becoming a professional tarot reader.
Bedroom, photo by Brad Coy

Secrets of Western Sex Magic, by Frater U.: D.:

Secrets of Western Sex Magic is aimed at consensual adults of any sexual preference or orientation, be they gay, straight, or bisexual.
The New Encyclopedia of the Occult, by John Michael Greer

New Encyclopedia of the Occult, by John Michael Greer

The New Encyclopedia of the Occult is a fairly substantial book, in size, weight, and topics covered. Even its bibliography is substantial.
Playing with Fire, by Dotti Enderle

Playing with Fire, by Dotti Enderle

The adventures of the Fortune Tellers Club continue. School has started up again, so there is less time to agonize over the typical teen problems.
Detail from Six of Birds, Shining Tribe Tarot

The Forest of Souls, by Rachel Pollack

The Forest of Souls is n excellent book for expanding one's thought on traditional histories and practices of tarot.

Soul Purpose Astrology, by Margaret Koolman

Soul Purpose Astrology is great for someone who wants to be able to do their own interpretations, and it is a valuable resource.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot