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Strange sigil, photo by Alexander Synaptic

Sigil magick: Down and dirty

One of the simplest forms of magick to do is sigil magick. Sigils can be found throughout the magick world, and are often used...
Purple pillows, thotfulspot

Three magical self-care rituals: Uplift, energize, and protect

We can use magick for self-care, and change our energy back to a positive force when life gets tough. Magick isn't just for outer change.
An occultnik manifesto

An occultnik manifesto

The word "occultnik" is a portmanteau of "occult," which means hidden, and the suffix "-nik," which denotes an affiliation with a given group.
The Great Work of the Flesh, by Sarane Alexandrian

Great Work of the Flesh, by Sarane Alexandrian

The Great Work of the Flesh provides a survey of practices from a variety of sources on sexual magick, and outlines many techniques.
Detail from Le Carrefour d’hecate, 1977-78, painted by Leonor Fini, courtesy of Weinstein Gallery

Language of the Birds exhibition at New York University

The exhibition Language of the Birds manages the seemingly impossible task of representing the breadth of occult art in the past century.
Sphinx, photo by Jason Faulkner

Powers of the Sphinx, Part II: To will

Ritual without the backing of a strong will is nothing but smoke and mirrors.
Roots, image by Peter Rosbjerg

Chaotes then and now

It's hardly surprising that something called "chaos magick" is in flux, both in terms of what is classed as chaos magick and the people it attracts.
Tarot reader, photo by Chris Gladis (MShades - flickr)

Tarot and sharing bad news

When tarot cards spell doom, deciding how to relate that to the client can be tricky
Books, photo by az

10+ books to a new magician

How to create a new magician from a complete skeptic.

Chaos magick: Doing what works and more

Chaos magick is results-oriented; it requires an honest appraisal of one's work and the effects achieved -- especially when results are not evident.

Abraxas, Issue One, Autumn Equionx 2009

Abraxas, Issue One, Autumn Equinox 2009, edited by Robert Ansell and Christina Oakley Harrington Fulgur, 128 pp., 2009 Abraxas isn’t just “An International Journal of Esoteric...
Bubble tree, photo by George

What is magick?

Aleister Crowley says, "Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will."

Weekly Horoscope

Occultnik Cabal



Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot