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Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley and the 20th Century Synthesis of Magick, by Dave...

Aleister Crowley and the 20th Century Synthesis of Magick: Strange distant gods that are not dead today, by Dave Evans Hidden Publishing, 9780955523724, 108 pp....
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Psyche’s list of chaos magick books

This list of chaos magick books was first published in an information pamphlet created for the Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival in September 2007.
Postmodern Magic, by Patrick Dunn

Postmodern Magic, by Patrick Dunn

Dunn has written a thoughtful and engaging book, though it strikes me as more post-chaote than necessarily post-modern.
Austin Osman Spare

Two Tracts on Cartomancy, by Austin Osman Spare

It seems unlikely Two Tracts on Cartomancy will appeal to any but the die-hard Spare collector.
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How to charge a sigil playing video games

The ideal state to be in to charge a sigil is one where the mind is blank, vacuous, and thus open to the influences of the sigil.

Review: Rebels and Devils, edited by Christopher S. Hyatt

Rebels & Devils: The Psychology of Liberation, edited by Christopher S. Hyatt New Falcon, 1561841536, 428 pp., 1996, 2000 Rebels and Devils is a collection of...
Condensed Chaos, by Phil Hine

Condensed Chaos, by Phil Hine

Condensed Chaos: An Introduction to Chaos Magic is indeed an excellent introduction to chaos magick, and to magick in general.
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Models of magic

The following five models of magic should be seen as a means of understanding the practical possibilities of various magical systems.
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Something I eight?

CHAOS KAOS KAYOS CHAYOS KAIOS QUAIOS QUAYOS KAIYOS ...to name but a few. Eight is the number of my true love's name in the morning...

Defining Chaos

Introduction Chaos, according to the `Oxford English Dictionary' means: A gaping void, yawning gulf, chasm, or abyss. The 'formless void' of primordial matter, the `great deep' or...
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Smuggling sigils across: Sigil magick for the professional magician

I will assume that you are already initiated into the secrets of Austin Osman Spare's sigil magick. Consulting with my clients as a professional magician, I am always confronted with the same question: is the client's will identical with my own?

Blackout and Sigils

The blackout or as it is commonly referred to, the death posture, is the technique that the late Austin Osman Spare refined for his...

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