Sigil, photo from Aaron MuszalskiI will assume that you are already initiated into the secrets of Austin Osman Spare‘s sigil magick.

Consulting with my clients as a professional magician, I am always confronted with the same question: is the client’s will identical with my own?

If it is, there should be no problem involved in charging the sigil in the client’s stead by myself. (The client, one must remember, will usually not be familiar with the basic tenets of sigil magick, or even magick in general, and will probably hesitate to try it out for themselves.) However, I believe as a matter of principle that everybody should vaccinate their will for themselves. I do not feel happy with charging myself (i.e. my subconscious) with other people’s desires. For example: if Ms. X wants to be brought together with Mr. Y by a sigil (love spell), it could be interesting to know what might happen if the pertinent sigil were charged by myself.

Accordingly, I had to find a means to implant sigils into my individual clients in such a way that they are not aware of what they are really doing. At first, talking with the client, I will try to find the smallest common denominator out of a tangled mass of multiple desires. This will continue until the client is able to word their statement of will (henceforth to be termed “will sentence”) in plain and unambiguous language. Following this, all contact between the client and myself will be abandoned for two or tree weeks. In the meantime, I will construct the sigil, usually employing the word method, and sketch it on a piece of parchment. Very often the client’s name will be encoded applying the magical kamea of the planet pertinent to the client’s desire. I may then supplement the sigil with this personalized glyph. Then I will outline a short ritual for the client, in which will be hidden the charge proper of the sigil (employing either the mantric method or a variation of the so-called “death posture”).

After a while I will send the client this constructed sigil by mail, including instructions on how to charge it, plus possible additional admonitions, if necessary. Most probably the client will have forgotten the precise wording of their will sentence by now; neither will they be able to draw any conclusions from these strange glyphs. After having been charged, the sigil can be sealed and constantly worn in a locket, it can also be put permanently in view, such as a wall decoration. Some of my clients have placed or hung their sigils nicely framed in their office rooms.

To charge a sigil the following method is very effective.

The client arrives for consultation. In some cases has to bring along some substance imbibed with their Od. During a small ritual, the client must close their eyes and place the odic substance on the sigil, which will be lying open in front of them. Then I will take the client’s finger and prick it quickly and sharply with a small surgical lancet. After the blood drop has been smeared onto the sigil, the latter will be folded and sealed immediately. I then admonish the client to bear in mind that this talisman must never get into other people’s hands.

This charging method is especially effective in working with protection or “antipersonnel mine” sigils.

Here are some examples relating to client’s feedback:

 30.04. Sigil as wall decoration
 24.06. Business enterprises developed well.

 12.07. Protection and defence sigil, charged employing surgical lancet.
 14.07. Client feels well and secure.

 23.06. Sigil as a defense "antipersonnel mine" with codification of
        client's name by the magical kamea of Mars, charged with

09.10. "Mine" fully operative: sickness and accidents of two to three

 11.10. Sigil employed as a wall decoration.
    11. Business successful. Sale of real estate to a monastry (!)
        has been agreed upon.

 27.12. Sigil, mantric charge.
 14.02. Client's partner becomes more friendly and loving.
 18.03. Partnership satisfactory.

 17.06. Sigil charged spastically by myself in client\s stead.
 18.06. Shortly before the potential buyer arrived for inspection in
        the afternoon, the last seat in the coffeehouse (sales
        object) had been taken, suggesting excellent business;
        immediately after inspection number of customers decreased

 07.12. Fast charge of a "combat sigil."
 21.12. The idea incorporated by the sigil incarnates as a conscious
        wish in the target person`s love partner.


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* Origin: ChaosBox: Nothing is true -> all is allowed… (2:243/2)