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Creating your altar: A beginner’s guide

An altar is s personal space that serves many functions in a spiritual practice. Use it for worship, grounding, and connection. There is no wrong way!
Cemetery in spring, photo by chuck b.

Ancestor work: Not just for Samhain

Working with ancestors can be a fulfilling part of any magick practice It is often seen as taboo but it's far from it! This rich practice has wide roots.
Daffodil, photo by Patrizia

Celebrating the vernal equinox: Beyond bunnies and eggs

The vernal equinox is celebrated in the west as Ostara by many but this is just one way to observe it. Many cultures have unique takes on this special day.
Whispers from the Earth, by Taz Thornton

Whispers from the Earth, by Taz Thornton

The stories contained in Whispers from the Earth speak to the human condition, so any reader can pick up this book, read a story, and take in its wisdom.
Celtic Witchcraft, by Mabh Savage

Celtic Witchcraft, by Mabh Savage

Celtic Witchcraft touches on the magical relevance of calendars, colours, the elements, animals, tools, language, and more.
Communing with the Ancestors, by Raven Grimassi

Communing with the Ancestors, by Raven Grimassi

Communing with the Ancestors aims to provide a pathway through which the Ancestors can regain access past the things that have stood in their way.
Soldier's National Cemetery, photo by Todd Van Hoosear

Petitioning the dead in magick

Our beloved ancestors guide us in our everyday lives. We are their family, and they want what is best for us. Even though they...
Fairycraft, by Morgan Daimler

Fairycraft, by Morgan Daimler

Fairycraft provides an introduction to what are, in essence, generalized forms of Morgan Daimler’s personal practices when it comes to fairy witchcraft.
Pere La Chaise, cemetery carpet, photo by K Kendall

Connecting with the dead

Our ancestors are some of the most important spirits to incorporate into our spiritual practice, and there are many ways of connecting with the dead.
Ancestor Work Fundamentals

Ancestor Work Fundamentals

With Ancestor Work Fundamentals, you will learn basic practices from around the world, and how to integrate them into your own life.
Boston Common Cemetery, photo by Kamil Dziedzina

Who are the cemetery gate keepers?

Before we can do any serious spiritual work in a cemetery, we must honour the cemetery gate keepers.
Dumb supper ingredients, photo by Enric Martinez

Celebrating Samhain with the Dumb Supper

At Samhain we invite our ancestors to the harvest table, cook their favourite dishes and eat in silence at a ritual known as a Dumb Supper.

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