Ancestor Work FundamentalsAncestor work is an essential part of many spiritual traditions, but often overlooked in today’s teachings.

With Ancestor Work Fundamentals, you will learn basic practices from around the world, and how to integrate them into your own life. Learn how to set up an altar, begin working with your ancestors, call them into your life, and create and sustain a healthy relationship with them.

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What you’ll be able to do coming out of this course

  • Learn methods for working with your ancestors and how to establish preliminary communication with them
  • Make offerings
  • Prepare and host a Dumb Feast
  • Repair relationships with your ancestors

Course outline

  • Lesson 1: Autopsy — Before we begin to look at the various ways of working with an ancestor, we should think a bit about what we’re actually doing, with whom, and why?
    • Exercise.
    • Quiz.
  • Lesson  2: Creating an ancestor altar — Now that you’ve thought about whom you want to work with and your reasons why, it is time to learn how to create an ancestor altar.
    • Exercise.
    • Quiz.
  • Lesson 3: Offerings — A look at the offerings for the dead around the world, what is necessary, what is useful, and what fits your life and family.
    • Exercise.
    • Quiz.
  • Lesson 4: Establishing contact — Not all ancestors are “awake” or easily accessed, here we’ll look at more direct ways of making contact.
    • Exercise.
    • Quiz.
  • Lesson 5: Deepening connections — Once a connection has been established, learn to take it deeper, to make your ancestors more present in your space and more active in your life.
    • Exercise.
    • Quiz.
  • Lesson 6: Healing the dead — Family aren’t always the easiest people to get along with, the focus here is on helping heal the connections between you and ancestors with whom there were problems.
    • Exercise.
    • Quiz.
  • Lesson 7: Dumb Feasts — Offerings are a great way to work with the ancestors, but feasts for the dead are a more elaborate and ritualized way to experience a deeper connection.
    • Exercise.
    • Quiz.
  • Lesson 8: Asking favours — How to approach your ancestors with requests, and work with them to move you forward in life.
    • Exercise.
    • Quiz.
  • Final Test — The final test confirms your knowledge and understanding of the full Ancestor Work Fundamentals course.
  • Access to premium forum for students to interact, share their results, ask questions, and receive responses from the expert who wrote the course.

About Kalagni

KalagniKalagni is a Buddhist Ceremonial Magickian living in Toronto. Ges recently finished attending university for multiple degrees in fields of study including history and English, and is now hiding in the corporate world.

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