Portfolio: Gatekeeper, Fate, Messages, Justice, Divination, Luck, Opportunities.

Aspects: St. Anthony, Holy Infant of Prague, St. Benito, St. Martin, Holy Child of Atoshe.

Ileke: 3 red beads, 3 black beads, alternating one red and one black three times, repeat.

I anoint mine with Florida Water, cocoa butter and Eleggua oil (found at any Botanica).  Note: I don’t know of anyone who has successfully made an Ileke for Eleggua in less than three tries- he likes to mess with you while you’re doing it.

Number: 6/3

Colours: black + red

Objects: mousetrap, forked twisted branch, whistle

Secrets/tokens: shepherds hook

Holy day: Mondays. Third day of the month

Herbs: dried rosebud, Cuban spurge, saragasso, mastic tree, camphor leaf, senna, soapberry tree, foxtail, crowfoot, avacado leaf and root, coffee, corojo, guana, corn starch/leaf,silk, heliotrope, neats tongue, white pine nuts, jack bean, coconut husk, palm stem, ajete, black eyed pea, nightshade, nettle,

Offerings: Candy, Fruit, Run, Cigar, Aguardiente, white candles, toys, sugar cane (a favourite), palm oil, yam, smoked fish, toasted corn, guava paste, cowrie shells, balls of cornmeal, spiced corojo butter

Animals: monkey, sheep, bull, ox, deer, rooster, opossum, young male chicken, turtle, male goat, black fowl,

Demeanour: risqué, playful, fun loving, childlike, childish, tricky, smart, unfathomable, variable, temperamental.

Always call on Eleggua before any endeavour to open to door for it or to block obstacles.

He’s part of the Warriors group, including Oggoun (Warrior) and Ochosi (Tracker). There’s a fourth figure associated with the Warriors called Osun who’s a protector. The Palo Mayombe version is Zarabanda, who’s kind of a blend of Oggoun and Eleggua. As such he’s both Warrior and go-between for the practitioner. To develop a close relationship with Zarabanda one makes a Nganga cauldron. Also connected to the Brazilian Eshus (of which there are many- also linked by some to Satan {IMHO, more the Book of Job version of Satan}).

Other related entities: Papa Legba (seen by some as an older manifestation of Eleggua), Ganesh, Lucero. Female consort- Pomba Gira.

Due to a bargain made with other deities, Eleggua has no restrictions on his actions.

Presides over crossroads and corners.

A link with Eleggua requires the creation of a Head- usually made out of cement or a coconut with cowrie shells for eyes ears and mouth and a hook on top of the head, sometimes filled with stones representing the seven classical planets. A Divination is recommended (learning cowrie shell Divination is recommended) to determine where he wants the head kept- frequently near or behind a door.

Will play tricks, garble messages and close doors of opportunity if displeased.

Invokations: (original and translation):

Pour Eleggua, qui garde la porte. Eleggua, Espirit fourbe qui garde le sueil. Amenez mon message. Portex les mots, enfant qui joue dans le soleil. Acceptez nos offerandes. Entrez dans nos coeurs, dans nos bras, dans nos jambes. Entrez ici. Dansez avec nous.

“For Eleggua, who guards the door. Eleggua, trickster spirit who guards the threshold. Bring my message. Carry my words, child who plays in the sun. Accept our offerings. Enter our hearts, our arms, our legs. Enter and dance with us.”

James Lopez had this comment to offer:

“I saw your info on Eleggua and just wanted to inform you that The Palo Deity Sarabanda is closer to Oggun then Eleggua that’s why he is made in an iron pot some what like the Orisha Oggun and has a chain wrapped around the pot also like some Ogguns, My Oggun wanted his chain inside. The Palo Deity Lucero Mundo is closer to The Orisha Eleggua he’s made with palo’s (sticks) other things you don’t want to know know about with dirt and cement and usally is much larger then the Orisha Eleggua. Also Palm oil is used to cover Eleggua, Cocoa Butter belongs to the Orisha Obatala I have never seen it used in Ebo’s (offerings) to Eleggua. Also you might want to wash your Eleggua with water instead of Florida water on Mondays before your make your offerings. It cools him from the spiritual heat of the week protecting you from Osogbo (Bad luck) and is more traditional. I Hope you don’t take this e-mail offensively, Alafia (Blessings) and take care.”