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Paths Between Head and Heart, by Oliver Robinson

Paths Between Head and Heart engages the reader in becoming receptive to the correlations between science and spirituality.
Cercei Lannister, still from Game of Thrones

Circe: Lessons from a witch and daughter of the Sun

As I devoured the Game of Thrones series, I continued to see similarities between the myths of Circe and Cersei’s story.
Djinn: Spirits of fire and wilderness at Spiral Nature

Djinn: Spirits of fire and wilderness

When we were kids, we were amazed by Aladdin’s blue genie voiced by the incredible Robin Williams....
Circle of Nine by Cherry Gilchrist

The Circle of Nine, by Cherry Gilchrist

Cherry Gilchrist's The Circle of Nine: An Archetypal Journey to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within is more than just an updated version.
Al-Lat: the pre-Islamic goddess of the harvest, fertility, and love at Spiral Nature

Al-Lat: the pre-Islamic goddess of the harvest, fertility, and love

According to pre-Islamic Arabic myth, God, or Allah, created three daughters who will take care of all...

On Pagan clergy: The labour of connection

In nearly every religion in the world, there is a special class of people who dedicate their...
Heart Vision by Michael Orland Yaccarino

Heart Vision, by Michael Orlando Yaccarino

Michael Orland Yaccarino offers tarot lovers a book exclusively focused on the process of self-reading in Heart Vision: Tarot’s Inner Path.

Manat: The pre-Islamic goddess of time, fate and death

I gravitated towards Manat, the Old One, the Crone, the goddess of time, fate, and death, but who exactly is she?
Detail of a cash register, photo by Bill Collison

Ethics in witchcraft: Where do you fall?

Ethics: it can be a tinderbox subject in any situation, but within the spheres of witchcraft and Paganism, there always seems to be drama.
Saints and Mystics Reading Cards by Andres Engracia

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards

The Saints and Mystic Reading Cards by Andres Engracia prompted the most uncanny experiences I’ve ever had with a deck thus far.
Loviatar: Goddess of the far north at Spiral Nature

Loviatar: Goddess of the far north

Finnish mythology is filled with wonder and enchantment. Loviatar is the Finnish goddess of shamanism, witchcraft, and the sacred feminine.
Alhambra, photo by charlemagne

How an Arab witch honours and contacts his ancestors

I have no control over who my ancestors were and what they thought, I do have control over myself. I ask permission to do things differently.

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