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The Haitian Vodou Handbook, by Kenaz Filan

The Haitian Vodou Handbook: Protocols for Riding with the Lwa, by Kenaz Filan Destiny Books, 1594771251, 204 pp., 2007 I have a certain level of...

Vodou Shaman, by Ross Heaven

This book will open many pathways for you, and is well worth the investment of time and energy it requires.


Always call on Eleggua before any endeavour to open to door for it or to block obstacles.


Yemaya, honey flows freely from Our Lady’s gracious bounty.


Portfolio: wealth, eroticism/pleasure, rivers, Magick/WitchCraft , art, dance, emotions, Witchy party-babe. Mother of Nations. Great similarity to Lakshmi. Sister of Yemaya. Related to Black...


Sometimes a blade dedicated to Oggoun is sworn on and kissed for justice Workings.

Tarot of the Orishas, by Zolrak

The Tarot of the Orishas: Complete Kit, by Zolak Llewellyn Worldwide, 1567188345, 77 cards and booklet, 2003 The use of the name "Tarot" is a deliberate...

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Occultnik Cabal



Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot