Portfolio: wealth, eroticism/pleasure, rivers, Magick/WitchCraft , art, dance, emotions, Witchy party-babe. Mother of Nations. Great similarity to Lakshmi. Sister of Yemaya. Related to Black Madonna. A.k.a.- Caridad del Cobre, Lady of Charity.

Ileke: amber/yellow and red/coral- one sequence of five beads of each colour then 1 of each repeated five times. I anoint mine with Florida Water, cocoa butter and Oshun oil (found at any Botanica- either Oshun or Caridad Del Cobre. 

Number: 5

Area of body: abdomen.

Substances: copper, gold.

Objects: mirrors, fans, boats/canoes, coral, tortoiseshell combs, pumpkins (keeps gold and Magick tools in). I’ve seen a picture of an Oshun altar incorporating 5 rubber duckies floating in a pail of river water. Gourd w. festive feathers , peacock feather fan.

Ideal time: to do Green Magick aimed at receiving reciprocation Saturday.

Secrets/tokens: gold 5-rayed crown, 2 oars, bell, 5 bracelets.

Holy day: Sept 18

Animal: peacock. (Sometimes vulture.)

Herbs: rose, sunflower, indian lotus, sow thistle, oranges + orange leaves, papaya, marigold, river weeds, pepper grass, anise seed + flower, seaweed, plantain, vervain, lantana, white hamelia, purple grapes, maidenhair fern, rosemary, wild lettuce, creeping crowfoot.

Stones: Amber

Offerings: Honey (always taste the honey first- a myth has it that she was once given poisoned honey so she doesn’t trust it. Adding cinnamon sticks to it doesn’t hurt either), oranges, eggs (preferably scrambled- a shrimp ommlette with watercress and spinach is perfect) , gold, pumpkin (she likes offerings given in pumpkins too), cake, rum, white wine. Chamomile tea made with river water. Cowrie shells, yellow cloth, yellow flowers, mirrors, gold or brass bells, fans, peacock feathers, kola nuts, coral beads, amber resin, yellow candles, toy boats,

Animals: (included simply for completion) hen, female or gelded goat, female calf, pig, rabbit, or sheep. Guinea hen, white or yellow hen, quail.

Offerings made near a river or source of flowing pure water are good.

Castro is said to have dressed a statue of Oshun in a small replica of his fatigues when he assumed power in Cuba.

Dangerous, unforgiving, unforgettable, gentle, kind, seductive, tender, irresistable, insatiable, flirtations, loving, sweet, soft yet tenacious, generous, ambitious, self-assured. Skinny dips in rivers.

Has had flings with: Shango, Ochosi, Orumila, Oggoun.

If you can find it, there’s a handy little book called “Oshun: Ifa and the Spirit of the River”- if you can’t find it at a Boranica, AzureGreen should have it. If you want a copy and can’t find it, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do on this end.