Portfolio: Great Mother, Lady of the Seas, Mistress of Sorcery and Ocean Storm, Sister or Oshun (raises Oshun’s kids), probably analogous to Mamiwater, doesn’t like Oya (Yemaya once ruled the cemetery and manipulated Oya in to changing areas of influence- never feed the two together), adoptive mother of Shango, allied with Eshu Aya, Queer Goddess, womanhood, fertility, maternity, children, lunar, very sensitive- wrathful if offended, stability, control over one’s life, gentle, kind, generous, dignified, lofty, graceful, “spicy” persona, gives and takes life, forgiving, protection, peace, benevolence, approach w. love, awe and honour, patroness of Brazil. 

Lady of Regla, Olokun-(Siren/mermaid sorceress- possible tie to La Sirene), Diosa Del Mar/Star of the Sea/Stella Maris

Ileke: 7 crystal/clear or white, 7 blue, 1 crystal/white and 1 blue repeated 7 times, repeat pattern. Coral beads can make a nice addition in between sequences

Number: 7

Objects: long pleated gown (blue), fan, conch shell (blue + white urn w. maritime landscape on it + woman w. extended arms- snake in one hand, mask in other), cowrie shell headpiece, mirror.

Secrets/tokens: seashells or sea stones, coral, toy (or real, for that matter) canoes, feather fan, anchor, key, sun + 1/2 moon.

Holy day: Jan 2, Sept 7, Fridays or Saturdays.

Animal offering: duck, rooster, ram, female goat, turtle, lamb, pigeon, fish, hen, guinea hen.

Herbs: yellow mombin (?), indigo, water hyacinth, anamu (?), seaweed, purple basil, green pepper, chayote fruit, Bermuda grass, Florida grass, sponges, linden, salt water rushes, majagua (?), coralline (?)

Stones: Amber

Offerings: (can be put of small rafts and set adrift- ideally in a silver boat tied w. blue and white ribbons)-coconut balls, sugar cane syrup, melons (esp. watermelon), fried plantain chips, black-eyed peas, sugar cane molasses, pork rinds, sea water, mariquitas (?), banana chips w. pork cracklings washed down w. Chequette (?), seafood, seashells, blue candles mirrors, grapes, coconut milk, coconut cakes, light cigarettes, seven coins,


Pour ma Mere Yemaya Mere et maitresse de l’ocean. Mere des Orishas, gardienne des enfants, reine des ondes. Je suis la fille de l’ocean, la fille des ondes, la fille de l’ecume. Yemaya, Mere l’ocean, oh ma Mere Yemaya, descendez et conseillez-moi. Acceptez nos offrandes. Entrez dans nos coeurs, dans nos bras, dans nos jambes. Entrez ici. Dansez avec nous.

“For my mother, Yemaya, Mother and mistress of the sea. Mother of the Orishas, guardian of children, queen of the waves. I am the daughter of the ocean, the daughter of the waves, the daughter of the seafoam. Yemaya, descend and counsel me. Accept out offerings. Enter into our hearts, our arms, our legs. Enter and dance with us.”

Dances involves spinning, circling and bending sideways to emulate waves

“Honey flows freely from Our Lady’s gracious bounty.”