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Check out this video of the Carl Jung and John Constantine ritual performed by Ian Cat Vincent & co in Liverpool last year, in honour of the stage adaptation of Robert Anton Wilson‘s Cosmic Trigger.

Lupa’s most recent book is Plant and Fungus Totems, and in this article for Llewellyn, she explains why she looks beyond the animal kingdom and what lessons these totems can teach us.

Want to get rich? Here are three ways, and, oh, do these things too.

But is it magick?, asks the anonymous author behind the promising new occult blog, The Ideosphere.

Is believing in astrology harmful?

Sure, the tarot has accumulated a diverse set of meanings and associations over the last few centuries, but that doesn’t mean interpretation should be a free-for-all.

You need a license to practice necromancy in San Francisco, and other weird laws.


Check out this gorgeous backyard shrine to Isis.

Is July Loki month? Sure, why not?

The Covenant of the Goddess has a new survey out regarding revising their mission. If you’re a member, or have been in the past, check it out. It’s completely anonymous, and open until July 20, 2014.

We’re entering Pagan festival season here in Ontario, and The Wild Hunt has an excellent round up of what’s on and when.

But, for the record, witches weren’t always so nice.

Check out this great essay on rewilding witchcraft.


“Slender Man,” a Creepypasta fakelore creation, has been in the news recently due to a brutal stabbing by two 12-year-old girls in America. Both Ian Cat Vincent and Beth Winegarner have written articles about this phenomenon.

Guys, there’s a graphic novel where Aleister Crowley comes back as Elmer Fudd. No really.

Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers‘ Paris tomb has been rediscovered.

Turns out, heterosexuality is a pretty new thing.

Not all occultists love Lovecraft.

Old Gods, New Gods, the Drowned God — it can all get a bit confusing. Here’s your guide to the religions of George R R Martin’s Game of Thrones.

Speaking of, here’s an occult history of the television set.


JRR Tolkein’s translation of and commentary on Beowulf, originally composed in 1926,  “is in a prose that sticks as closely as possible to the meaning and clause-order of the original.

Calls for submission

Scroll of Thoth Press is looking for submissions for two new anthologies on activist magick and aeonics. Deadline for the former is August 1, 2014, and the latter, October 1, 2014.


Spiral Nature reviewer and the blogger behind Blue Flame Magick is offering new services, and a 15% discount on the Etsy store of the same name.