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Stones of the Goddess, by Nicholas Pearson

Stones of the Goddess inspired by a desire to explore “the connections between the Divine Feminine and the mineral kingdom.”

Using obsidian to heal grief

A sacred stone given to me by my grandfather is an Apache tear, also known as obsidian. My stone is black and fits in the centre of my palm.
Rocks in the water, photo by Images by John 'K'

Cleansing crystals: Restoring their highest vibration

All crystals and gemstones require periodic cleansing and restoration in order to maintain their spiritual signature, healing qualities.
Amber, photo by Karen Bhamra

Amber and its ancient healing properties

As a young woman, I travelled in Mexico and met one of my life-long loves, amber. I would get to know its healing and magical properties.
Crystal Clear by Golnaz Aliibagi

Crystal Clear, by Golnaz Alibagi

Crystal Clear: Change Your Energy, Heal Your Life by Golnaz Alibagi has certainly piqued my crystal curiosity once again.
Petrified wood rings, photo by Klop Pe

Petrified wood connects us to our deep roots

From the Latin petro meaning rock or stone, petrified wood is the fossilized remains of trees or terrestrial vegetation.
Gastropod fossil, photo by James St. John

Bless your evolution: A simple fossil magick rite

Keep the blessed fossil on your altar, beside your bed, or in your spirit bag for regular reminders of how you are supported.
Gastropod fossil, photo by James St. John

Connecting with the ancient wisdom of fossil magick

If you are drawn to things of the spirit, consider fossils as powerful helpers. Wherever you live, consider learning a little about geology.
Dolphins for Animal Allies

Animal Allies and Gemstone Guardians

The cards in Animal Allies and Gemstone Guardians are designed to connect you to your guardian animal and link you to your resonating gemstone.
Crystals for Karmic Healing_ Transform Your Future by Releasing Your Past, by Nicholas Pearson

Crystals for Karmic Healing, by Nicholas Pearson

When I saw the title of Crystals for Karmic Healing, I was intrigued. This book offered the chance to learn more about the workings of karma and crystals.
Broom by Rudolf Vlček (flickr)

Secret witch: Magick when you’re stuck in the broom closet

Are you a secret witch? Not everyone can be open with their spiritual practice.. Here are some tips and tricks for covert magick.
Crystal Ball #2 by just.Luc (flickr)

Scrying: How to get started

Scrying is a combination of divination and meditation that utilizes shiny surfaces in order to gain insight into the movements of the world.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot