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Spiral Nature often receives letters from our readers looking for more information on certain subjects, or sometimes even for a place to begin. This query came in via our newsletter:1

At this point, my main struggle is how to know when you are ready for spellcraft. I focus on the outcome, meditate on the process needed for the result, proceed accordingly, and then don’t see any results in a timely manner. I don’t expect instantaneous results, but I do expect to see results within a month. I do not accept that no result is an answer in itself so what must I do to ensure the outcome?

–Ready or Not

Well, Ready or Not, it depends, but ultimately, I would say that if you’re asking this question, you’re probably ready.

You haven’t indicated what tradition you’re working in, but I’m going to assume you have some background in magical theory, and have at least made some basic attempts. It sounds like you’re results-oriented with an interest in practical magick, which should make it easier to determine when you’ve had success.

Set SMART goals

It can help to set strategic or smart goals — goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Know what you want to achieve (the desired outcome of the spell or ritual), that results are measurable (did it definitely work, or only kind of work, or is it impossible to tell?), achievable (is what you’re looking to accomplish even possible?), realistic (can it be accomplished with the means at your disposal?), and time-bound (a definitive deadline lets you know whether or not it was a success).

You probably have at least a vague idea of something you’d like to accomplish; perhaps you’d like to buy a house, learn Enochian, or simply provide a continuous fund for that book addiction. Now that you have a framework, it’s easier to determine whether or not your efforts have netted results.

(For more on this, see Psyche’s essay “Strategic Magick” in Manifesting Prosperity.)

Enchant for success

Once you’ve identified what you want to do, you need think about how. Whether with candle magick, sigils, evoking a spirit for aid, creating a servitor to carry out some task, there are tons of methods to test. Find a one that appeals to you, and make it work.

(My chaote bias may be showing here, if anyone has further suggestions, I’d love to see them in the comments!)

Follow through

So you’ve set a goal and done some spellwork, now what? Chop wood, carry water.

Once you enchant, there’s nothing strategic about crossing your arms behind your head, kicking back and waiting. You have to take action and follow through. Take practical steps to ensure that you place yourself in a position to receive the benefit you’re seeking.

Good luck, Ready or Not! Let us know how it goes!

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