Spiral Nature Linkage Friday, 22 December 2017Magick

Understanding the Hanged Man in tarot. Similarly, Xenia’s article “8 swords and no hands” is a deep look into the 8 of Swords.

On lunar relationships and love.

Scott Stenwick’s script for the Auto-Talismanic Ritual.

On drive theory and tarot suits.

Mary K. Greer on the symbolism in tarot’s Ace of Cups, and more specifically, Arthur Edward Waite’s eucharistic Ace of Cups.

On witchcraft before Wicca.

Nick Farrell on magick in the 21st century.

Thoughts on clutter in tarot art.

On journeying. See also “Limping towards heaven: Walking pathway 25, Samekh,” by J Simpson.

Benebell Wen’s detailed outline for a 12 month tarot forecast.


Thoughts on Pagan prayer. See also Mike Gleason’s review of A Book of Pagan Prayer.

Why do elves have pointed ears?

Evangelical drug traffickers are terrorizing practitioners of Afro-Brazilian religions.

The Yule goat in the Pagan tradition.

How might reincarnation work?

Thoughts on Paganism, being Pagan-adjacent, and related matters.

On sacred agency and consciousness.

Is there a connection between Paganism and the hacker ethic?

So, Krampusnacht is awesome. Also see Saros’ review of The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas.


Gift-giving hacks from folklore. Also check out “The gift of magick: A holiday guide for skeptics,” by Chrysanthemum White Alder, and the lovely things on offer in “Gift ideas for 2017 from Spiral Nature contributors.”

A top 10 round up of favourite Pagan albums.

Cosmic consciousness in popular culture.

W.I.T.C.H. protests for human rights in the United States. Also check out Daleth West’s article, “Witch activism: It’s happening now,” and Donyae Coles’ “Enchanted resistance: A history of political magick.”

For a brief time in 1978, Italy had a televised Satanic variety show.

On the creation of the Spolia Tarot.

Dan Brown is behind an initiative to digitize 3,500 occult manuscripts, which will be made freely available online.


Crystals for Beginners reviewed.

A review of Embracing the Darkness: A Cultural History of Witchcraft.

Sealing the Five Senses reviewed.

A review of Bright.

The Secret Teachings of the Tao Te Ching reviewed.

A retrospective of The Black Arts.

The Witches’ Almanac: The Magic of Plants reviewed.

Bonus linkage

Looking for that perfect gift for someone who smokes? Check out these bongs covered in crystals. I know a few people who might appreciate one of these.