Spiral Nature Linkage for Friday, 6 July 2018Magick linkage

On overthrowing tyrants and magical resistance. For more, see “Witch activism: It’s happening now” by Daleth West and “The Girdle of Ishtar: Magick for activists” by Nicole Rain Sellers.

That said, rituals in and of themselves ought not constitute the sole output of your activism.

Technology and magick do not have to be in opposition. For example, see “Magick for gadgets: Using magick with technology” and “How to use technology for better magick,” both by Donyae Coles.

As Mars goes retrograde, here’s a sex magick rite to get you in the mood. To keep up with astrology and your horoscope, check Hidden Insights every Sunday.

Spirituality linkage

Yeah, using the word “shaman” is also problematic. Also see “Not your spirit animal: Cultural appropriation, misinformation, and the Internet,” one of our most popular articles by Donyae Coles.

So, how do we tell when it’s gatekeeping for the sake of keeping people out unfairly, and a matter of being conscious of and avoiding cultural appropriation? Also see Donyae Coles’ “Reclamation after cultural appropriation.”

On a (kind of?) related note, yoga and meditation might be turning you into an even bigger asshole.

The importance of a firm foundation in ancient Greek religion.

Context matters in contemporary religious practice — as it always has.

Pagan communities don’t always stay together. But sometimes that can be ok, as a Gardnerian writes in “When a coven comes to its natural end.”

Occulture linkage

Julian Vayne is the magician in residence at Cornwall’s Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, and I love that this is a residency that exists. I’d also love to visit the museum one day.

This round up of stone circles on the silver screen is pretty nifty. For another throwback, see “Iconic occult documentaries of the ’70s” by Jenna Danchuk.

Books about queer witches and their witchcraft for your reading pleasure.

The ogham alphabet in tweets.

Recommendations for faery fiction that’s as weird as it should be.

Yes, the NRA should be afraid of us. Witchcraft has always been political. For more on this theme, also see “Enchanted resistance: A history of political magick” by Donyae Coles.

That said, it’s always weird when the mainstream media notices us, amiright?

Reviews linkage

iPagan reviewed.

A review of the Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot. Also check out Donyae Coles’ review of the same deck.

Rituals of Death and Dying in Modern and Ancient Greece: Writing History from a Female Perspective reviewed.

A review of Maidens, Magic and Martyrs in Early Christianity.

Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene reviewed.

A review of Six Ways. Our review from Frater 232 was published earlier this week.

The Lunar Nomad Oracle reviewed. (Our review coming soon.)

A review of Godforms of the Golden Dawn.

Calls for submission

Modern Witch Magazine is looking for submissions on the theme of “Ecstasy and the Witch Power,” which will explore trance, movement, soul flight, astral travel, dreamwork, hedge riding, and other forms of ecstatic practice. Payment: None. Deadline: 1 August 2018.

Room Magazine is looking for submissions of poetry and fiction for their themed issue on magick. Payment: $50-150. Deadline: 31 July 2018.

WITCHfest North is putting on an art exhibition, Grimoire: Witchcraft & Storytelling, that will be on display from 22 to 29 October 2018 at Beaver Hall in Toronto. Payment: None. Deadline: 4 August 2018.

Spiral Nature Magazine is looking for two new columnists: an art columnist and a music columnist. Payment: $15 per article, plus ad space (a $30 value). Deadline: 31 August 2018.

Bonus linkage

And because we should end on an adorable and lighthearted note, I present “True Facts About the Fruit Bat” for your viewing pleasure.