Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology
Pleidian-Earth Astrology

Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology: Charting the Spirals of Consciousness, by Pia Oreleane, Ph.D., and Cullen Baird Smith
Bear & Company, 9781591433095, 354 pp., 2018

As an astrologer, I often ponder the transits of the planets. I seek to know the shifts of energy that create the cosmic dance between my life on Earth and the planetary alignments, and apply these findings to my understanding of current life circumstances. I was intrigued to find Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology: Charting the Spirals of Consciousness by Pia Orleane, PhD., and Cullen Baird Smith, because it is a system that links universal energy patterns with Earth energy patterns to demonstrate how time works in spirals, rather than linearly as the modern world has assumed based on our calendar system. The concept of using Earth energy in combination with universal energy to reexamine our sense of time peaked my interest, as my personal works focuses on reconnecting people to both the land and sky. From the start, the Pleiadian-Earth Astrology system has been a useful tool in exploring astrological timing and deepening my commitment to harmonious with the cycles of Earth and space.

I have to be honest and state upfront that I am skeptical when it comes to the concept of this information being channelled by the Pleiadians, specifically Laarkmaa, who is the being the authors have claimed this information was given to them by. Laarkmaa is also given an author credit. I do not discredit the possibility of other life in our galaxy, but I remain doubtful of attempts to put forth knowledge under the guise of it coming from an extraterrestrial source of wisdom.

Luckily, the Pleiadians agenda isn’t pushed hard, so the content does not lose its potency to apply the material conveyed. Much of the content relates to the Mayan calendar, and it is put forth the Mayans had contact with this Pleiadian wisdom, and based their calendar system on a similar concept of time and energy. It reminds me of the Mayan’s Tzolkin cycle, which was a cycle of 13 months that were all 20 days long. Since this knowledge has been superseded by modern notions of time as linear, which does not properly engage with the cyclic energy of both the cosmos and earth, the Pleiadians, according to Oreleane and Baird Smith, are here to help Earth regain a more universal perspective. Understanding this system is supposed to help one move into multi-dimensional reality. They write,

Begin to see time as a loop or a spiral, rather than moving from the past to the future. When you see it the way we present it – as constantly moving energy – you understand you’re always in the present moment. Each “now moment” builds on energies arriving synchronistically, rather than linearly. These spiraling energies accumulate and manifest as a different reality when you participate…1

The premise of the system outlined in Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology is that there are 13 universal energies, which when learned to work with, help one to be more conscious. It is put forth each energy has its own specific vibration, yet there is no hierarchy in which energy is more significant, because they all have their own intrinsic values and wisdom.  As one moves through the 13 universal energies, which the authors connect to the cycles of Venus, new levels of awareness and understanding emerge. They write,

We bring consciousness from the heavens downward to Earth, and then we ourselves spiral back upward as our awareness begins to expand. This pattern is repeated often enough for us to feel its rhythm and become cooperative with its gifts, if we so choose.2

There are also 20 Earth energies that psychologically help us to interact with everything we encounter in life, from people to situations and circumstances. These Earth energies have both lower and higher vibrations to them, and they are meant to harmonize the contrasting energy of duality on Earth. At the beginning of the 13-day universal energy cycle, certain earth energies set the tone for the next 13 days, based on the earth energy that is present on the first day of the cycle. The constant rotation of energies leads to a plethora of combinations that don’t overlap for centuries at a time, indicating a consistently shifting flow of different energies.

Following the cycles outlined in Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology for a months did yield some interesting insights. The process of working this system wasn’t as intuitive as I had hoped at first, because I was focused on reading about the energy then seeking out its manifestation. Yet, when I switched to simply experiencing situations and checking back to the book later on to see what the energy was on that day, I began to see patterns in the cycles of time and energy that correlated pretty well to this astrological system.

In addition to using Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology as a guide to relate to energy in a new way on a day-to-day basis, I also found great use in learning about how the earth energy of the day we are born correlates to our personality. This is a section I found very relevant; I thought the description of my earth energy was spot on and it gave me a lot of insight into how I am in life. It made me more aware of how I project my own energy and made me reflect on some habitual patterns.

Unfortunately the section following, which is about calculating the energy of relationships based on this system, wasn’t as thorough. It was based on an odd form of adding and subtracting that made it a bit confusing and had very brief descriptions about how different energies relate to one another. As someone who loves synastry, this wasn’t explained well enough to make feel the system is applicable to an astrological understanding of relationships.

Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology does have other common astrological features though, including shadow periods similar to those of a retrograde and an ephemeris ranging from 1975-2030. The authors do a great job of explaining how these shadow periods relate to our consciousness on both a global and personal level. There is a strong focus on becoming more aware of ourselves as energetic beings, while also learning to integrate energy in a way that is more attuned to the greater cycles and patterns that we live within. The book provides a great bridge between the practical ways we can learn to work with energy and the greater importance of how this work can change the world. It focuses on reexamining the way we construct belief systems, organize time, and relate to the world around us with in invitation to step-up as a co-creator, which I feel anyone working in the realm of spirituality or magick can relate to aspiring towards.           

I was drawn into the authors’ reasoning for upholding this system of energy in comparison to traditional astrology. They state, “when we view ourselves through existing astrological systems based on only twelve energies — twelve signs, twelve houses, twelve main aspects — eliminating the thirteenth energy of integration, we are at a severe disadvantage in our attempt to understand ourselves. In fact, we cannot limit who we are to any to any division of energies that does not recognize the complexity and interrelatedness of all energies.”3 It could be because I am an Aquarius, always looking for ways to rebel or the latest theory on the brinks of what is socially accepted, but in a more intuitive way I can relate to this theory of blending energies, flowing change, and consistent growth in consciousness.

Despite the radical notions put forth at times, such as our 12 strands of DNA being connected to other dimensional aspects of ourselves, I gained a lot from reading Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology. It helped me to shift my perspective about time, how events unfold in life and the purpose of astrology. This book provides yet another facet through which we can examine, question and ponder our purpose here as humans, connected to both the earth and universe in the most spectacular way.

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