Hidden Insights: Astrology for the week of 11 February 2018

Hidden Insights is excited to announce the second eclipse of 2018! On the 15th of February, the sky will produce a partial solar eclipse. Even without totality, it carries some very heavy energy. This particular eclipse falls in alignment with the fixed star Gienah. This star is in the right wing of the swan Cygna. As the only star in one of the darkest places in the heavens it notes protection and hope. Our last eclipse hit pretty hard, and many of us are still recovering from its effects. This eclipse brings sanctuary, and we cannot ignore Mercury so close to the eclipse point. We can anticipate this eclipse to spark important conversations, and in Aquarius, it could revolutionize the way groups work with one another.

This eclipse comes just in time for the Olympics, and I’m sure it will be certain to bring some interesting conversations around the world. It’s no secret that North Korea and South Korea will be competing together under one flag this year, and it will be interesting to see if this eclipse can help change the way their governments work cooperatively together. It is important to note that the majority of the eclipse will be seen in Argentina and Chile. This could spell trouble for athletes from these areas.

For most of us, the eclipse and business of Mercury and Mars may make us feel as though we are on the war path. Many will be feeling energized and productive, but may not be certain how to effectively direct their energies. The best advice I can give everyone this week is to try and focus on one thing at a time, despite not knowing what to concentrate on. Of course, if all else fails, it might be best just to flip a coin and work on whichever project it selects. Otherwise we all run the risk of putting the majority of our energy into so many projects we don’t make progress with any of them.

Astro Homework

While most weeks your assignment typically involves some type of task or activity, this week will be quite different. Due to the highly energetic chaos of this week’s energy, I want everyone to commit to five minutes of silence each day. Mercury, the eclipse, and Mars are rocking the boat, and in order to stay in balance we must consciously breathe and refocus. You can take this time in the morning before your day starts, in the evening before bed, or if possible each afternoon halfway through your day.

 Aries (21 March — 20 April)

While you’re typically more of a loner, Aries, this week is all about finding a way to work productively with others, particularly in group situations. Early this week you may be invited to join or work collaboratively with a group, and a friend may also come to you looking for financial support or advice. Thursday’s eclipse brings the potential to meet some new and interesting people. However, as with any eclipse, it always comes with some cautions. As it hits your house of friends, you may be faced with a difficult conversation with a friend. During times like this, it’s always important to remember that true friendship is about honesty, even with its difficult.

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Taurus (21 April — 20 May)

Sometimes the line between coworker and friends is blurred, Taurus, and this week could bring some of that to light. Tuesday could bring this type of issue to the forefront, and you’ll want to make sure you are able to recognize and honour the difference. If you’ve been a little too friendly with a coworker, there is a chance that it could cause you some trouble by the end of the week. This is particularly important as this week’s eclipse falls in your 10th house, which could bring your reputation into question. The best thing you can do right now, is to not overshare, and try not to get caught up in the personal lives of professionals and coworkers around you. However, if you’re conservative earthy ways have kept you in check, this eclipse could signal some positive changes at work.

Recommended reading: The Subjectivity of Experience, by Phil Hansford

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

It’s shaping up to be a very busy week for you, Gemini, as your ruling planet makes connections to Jupiter, Uranus, and the eclipse. Much of your week is likely to be spent in a flurry of responsibilities that you can’t fully complete. Fortunately, you’re skilled in multi-tasking and can handle being in different mental locations all at once. That skill will be tested this week, and you’ll want to be certain not to dive too deep into anything philosophical, particularly any type of debate. This week is not the time to mentally fence with others. The weekend could bring some news about a loved one’s dilemma at work, and you’ll be all too ready to provide advice. Just keep in mind that sometimes those around you just want you to listen instead of trying to solve the problem.

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Cancer (21 June — 20 July)

Sexual tensions run high this week, Cancer, as Mercury and Jupiter give your drives an injection of intensity on Tuesday. Of course it’s always important to keep in mind that sexual energy is closely linked to our creative energy. This indicates you are likely to not only be more creative than usual, but will need to come up with creative solutions to solve problems. By Thursday you’ll need to put these solutions into practice, as some drama at work will force you offer solutions. Over the weekend you can anticipate more work than you are typically used to, so it might not be the best idea to make social plans on Saturday and Sunday. The Aquarius eclipse this week strikes your house of transformation, which could bring darker thoughts than you typically entertain. Over the next few weeks the concepts of death and mortality may be on your mind more than usual, and you may even consider how you want to deal with your own end of life plans. Morbid, yes, but still important.

Recommended reading: Afterlives, by Terry McCombs

Leo (21 July — 20 August)

Congratulations, Leo! You are the lucky sign having both love and romance hit your chart during the week of Valentine’s Day. If you are partnered, early this week could bring some minor conflict at home, which will likely erupt into flames of romantic passion. Through much of the rest of the week passionate rendezvous could periodically spring up, along with a potential flurry of sexy calls or texts. Enjoy the playful energy. For those of you who are single, this could be the week that brings a certain someone special into your life. You’ll to avoid having your first date before Friday. This week’s eclipse also triggers your house of relationships, and it could bring with it some dramatic changes. This could easily manifest as a marriage proposal if things have been heavy. If your relationship has been on the rocks, this eclipse is more likely to bring a potential end to a relationship.

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Virgo (21 August — 20 September)

With your ruling planet in a frenzied state this week, Virgo, you’re likely to feel very busy as well as productive. Fortunately, your greatest strengths are to organize and prioritize. These talents will be put to the test this week, and hopefully put to good use. Everyone else around you will seem to be losing their mind, and you’ll need to be there to put everything back where it was. Early in the week this will likely manifest as spending more time in your car around town than at home, as you try and get everyone what they need, and where they need to go. By Thursday and Friday, you’ll be managing the chaos a bit better, but if you’re not careful of your own needs, you could find yourself in a sticky financial situation this weekend. The eclipse will illuminate your house of health and daily tasks. If you work in the medical field, this eclipse could make you more susceptible to the germs carried by the patients you care for. If this is not the type of employment you have, you’ll want to brace yourself for some fairly unpleasant coworkers over the next few weeks. Just remember, that it’s their issue, not yours.

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Libra (21 September — 20 October)

It’s another social week for you, Libra, as Mercury continues to move through your house of pleasure and creativity. As it makes its first aspect to Jupiter on Tuesday, you could find yourself aware of your own financial boundaries. The challenge is to find ways to get the most of out the money you have to enjoy yourself and have a good time. However, Thursday or Friday you could be treated by a friend or loved one to something special. While most might consider this to be a nice meal out, it is likely manifest more as an experience. For example it could be a trip to a museum, a movie, or a concert. The point is, someone is likely to treat you to an activity as opposed to treating you with a gift. This week’s eclipse will strike your house of creative endeavours, so you’ll want to enjoy a treat from someone in your life, because this week will likely be your last chance to get out to do something fun for a while. The eclipse will likely make it difficult for you to indulge in leisurely activities over the next few weeks.

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Scorpio (21 October — 20 November)

Self-indulgence in on the menu for you, Scorpio, as the better part of the week you’re likely to not only be partaking decadent foods, but also luxurious blankets in solitude. Tuesday is a self-help day, and you’re likely to find yourself doling out advice to yourself that you usually give to others. Only this time, you might actually take it. Be cautious on Thursday, as during this nasty flu season you could find yourself exposed to germs that could trigger a shock to your system. While weekends are typically reserved for fun and relaxation, this doesn’t seem to be possible for you as your own self-talk about responsibilities you need to take care of come full circle on Saturday. The eclipse this week will strike your home and sense of security, so you might want to prepare for a change in that domain of your life.

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Sagittarius (21 November — 20 December)

While you may have been feeling in a rut over the last several weeks, Sagittarius, Mercury is on its way to shake things up. Early this week you’re likely to experience some much needed conflict with a neighbour or relative. Not all conflict is bad, and at times it can be both healthy and productive. So, when you are confronted by someone near you, it’s best to hash the entire situation out, instead of trying to avoid, ignore, or forget about it. Towards the end of the week you’ll begin to notice that you’re much more enthusiastic about a hobby you may have put aside. Dust off the hiking boots, paint brushes, or jigsaw puzzle. It’s time to start investing more time and energy into your own creative outlets. This weekend could bring a minor upset at home, where a guest, pet, family member, or roommate might make a mess or break something. When this happens, know that things are replaceable, but people are not. The eclipse this week promises to draw attention to your mode of transportation. If you own a car it might be a good time to get it in for some routine maintenance.

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Capricorn (21 December —20 January)

Several months ago we discussed you getting involved with a group, organization, or charity, Capricorn. If this became part of your life this past autumn, you could see some minor conflict within these groups. For those of you who are not serving in a group, board, or committee, it’s likely this energy will manifest in your circle of friends. There seems to be a financial or moral discrepancy that could lead to some heated conversation on Tuesday. Fortunately, your calm nature will help those around you maintain their own sense of grounding during a difficult time. Midweek you can expect difficult conversations to continue; however, on Thursday you could be the one whose words, tone, or tenor is out of line. Don’t be surprised if someone is taken aback by your actions. Over the weekend you can anticipate solitude, and you’ll certainly want to retreat after a hectic week. The eclipse this week will trigger your house of finances, so you’ll want to be extra cautious with money, banks, and investments over the next few weeks. Hunker down and save, don’t spend.

Recommended reading: Love is the Law: Philios, True Will and the Great Work, by Kara Rae Garland

Aquarius (21 January — 20 February)

It’s going to be both a busy and productive week for you, Aquarius. Early in the week the only things you’ll be able to focus on will be work and sleep. On Tuesday you might notice those you work for are on edge. It’s best to stay out of these people’s way, so that you don’t end of in the line of fire. By Thursday you might see some relief when a family member might connect with you to share some news. Even if they don’t reach out, you might want consider making that phone call yourself. Check up on relatives to ensure all is still well. This weekend brings some mild relief, but groups of people will likely test your patience, and it’s highly likely you’ll be sending money going out to eat, drink, or socialize. This week’s eclipse is in your sign! This means it will particularly potent for you, especially those born February 14th, 15th, and 16th. This highly personal eclipse promises to shake up your own identity, as you may have been hiding behind some aspect of it. This eclipse will force you into the light of a new direction, so you can be more true to who you are as an individual. It’s difficult to maintain the status quo when an eclipse is here, and it wants you to let go of being who you think others want you to be.

Recommended reading: Depression, the dark night of the soul and magick, by Frater Barrabbas Tiresius

Pisces (21 February —20 March)

You’ll love the energy this week, Pisces. For you, it will be a lot like leaf blowing in the wind. While the rest of the world tries to fight against it, you’ll blow happily through the change. After all, you’re the sign most receptive to change. Early this week the thought of possibly going back to school could resurface once again. Something is putting itself into place this week for you to take the plunge towards a new course of study, training program, or even a new faith. Try harnessing the chaos everyone else is experiencing to go ahead and reach out, to take a step forward in your academic life. On Thursday you should expect some very positive news in regards to money and your bank accounts. Enjoy a financial high right now, and ride that wave in true Piscean fashion. Over the weekend you’ll be feeling very productive, and chances are you’ll not only get a great deal accomplished, but you could be presented with the opportunity for overtime at work. This week’s eclipse sits naturally in your house of karma. Expect a secret to be revealed over the next two weeks.

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