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Yule ornaments

Ornamental crafts for a magical Yule

Whether you celebrate Yule (I celebrate it with a “side of Santa") or not, these activities should add some festive magick to your season.
Astrological candle magick, photo by Jenna Danchuk

Astrological candle magick for the Yuletide season

While the Yule season are about celebrating with others, I also try to make some space for myself amidst all of the cheer with astrological candle magick.
Gift, photo by Jeennoh

The gift of magick: A holiday guide for skeptics

It’s taken as a given that the for many of us, the holiday season engenders a mixture of stress and mania, as we try to accomplish the tasks that demonstrate our love. It is the giving of gifts that for many, indoctrinated through that potent mixture of ritual, religion, and capitalism that culminates in an orgy of excess, that stands among the more dismal aspects of the holidays. The concomitant mall crowds, as well as balancing the desire for social approval with an ever growing credit card debt, leaves much to be desired in the more modern practices of Yuletide cheer.
Yule log, photo by Brian Colson

Yule: Lighting up the night

Yule or the winter solstice -- December 21 or 22 in the northern hemisphere -- was celebrated as the point of survival through half the winter.
Yule, by Susan Pesznecker

Yule, by Susan Pesznecker

Yule: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for the Winter Solstice, by Susan Pesznecker Llewellyn Worldwide, 978-0-7387-4451-3, 227 pp. (incl. correspondences for Yule, further reading, bibliography, and...
Star anise wreath, image by Hans

Crafting a tarot wreath

Crafting a tarot wreath may be treated as a meditative activity for those learning the cards, or as a gift to the outdoors.

A Magical Tour of the Night Sky, by Renna Shesso

It is too easy to be disconnected from the natural world, people who live in cities know nothing about astrology, the stars, planets, and their movement.
Pagan Christmas, by Christian Rätsch and Claudia Muller-Ebeling

Pagan Christmas, by Christian Rätsch and Claudia Muller-Ebeling

Far too often people focus of the most visible of Yuletide symbols and ignore the myriad of other details that surround Pagan Christmas.

Tales of the Celtic Bards, by Claire Hamilton

Tales of the Celtic Bards, by Claire Hamilton O Books, 9781903816548, 320 pp., 2003 Over the years there have been many tellings and retellings of...

Southern hemisphere Paganism: How differing seasonal cycles affect sabbat dates

How do Pagans in the southern hemisphere accommodate the differences in their seasons when most of the Pagan literature is focused on more northern...

Henge of Keltria

What is the Henge of Keltria? The Henge of Keltria is an organization dedicated to the positive, life affirming spiritual path of Neo-Pagan Druidism we...

The wheel of the year: the story of the seasons

Like many things to do with Wicca, this is fluid. There are overlaps and paradoxes. Each individual Wiccan, or coven can and should evolve his or her own picture from feelings and responses.

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Tattoo Tarot, illustrated by Megamunden

Tattoo Tarot